What to eat in the fall easy dry skin recommended these 5 foods

There is a lot of water in the human body and if there is a lack of water, the skin will be noticeably dry and sometimes even suffer from some skin diseases. To improve this problem, it is not enough to just increase the amount of water you drink, you can properly hydrate from your diet, as the diet contains a variety of substances that the body needs to better keep your skin and body hydrated.

What are some foods that can help hydrate the skin?

  1. Foods high in vitamin A

Vitamin A is mainly, the essential element for the synthesis and repair of human skin tissues. Proper supplementation of vitamin A can boost the metabolism of the epidermis, and if the problem is dry skin or keratinized skin, it can be effectively improved by vitamin A. A small amount of vitamin A can promote the skin’s return to function, but it should not be overdone, otherwise it is likely to cause the skin to be overly sensitive or lead to molting.

Foods that contain vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 can be very protective for the mucous membranes of the skin, and proper hydration with some vitamin B2 can be effective against various skin diseases and inflammation. The common food containing vitamin B2 is milk and vegetables and fruits, so you can choose some high water content to replenish water.

3, food containing vitamin C

Many fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is also very common in life and is used to ensure proper body function and to maintain skin elasticity. Fruits that are high in vitamin C are oranges, and oranges are high in water. If you want to add vitamin C and water, you can consider eating more fruits of this kind.

4, rich in fructose food

Many foods contain fructose, and supplementing with some fructose can better help the skin absorb water. Because fructose is a hydrophilic substance, the water in it is effectively retained in the skin and cellular tissues and is not easily lost. If you want to replenish fructose, the best way is to eat more fruits, common grapes and pears contain a large amount of fructose.

5: Foods that supplement quality fats

Foods that are high quality fats and oils can help lock moisture into the skin, not allowing it to be lost quickly, and can also ensure that the skin is glowing and elastic. Common foods that contain high quality fats and oils, namely nuts, do not have a lot of water to replenish, and they also need to be replenished on top of other foods that you eat.

If the problem of dry skin is in urgent need of hydration, it is important to choose the right food, different foods have different effects, and some of them can even affect the skin, so it is best to control the diet to avoid increasing the burden on the body.