iPhone 14? New AppleWatch? Apple 2022 new 5 big predictions

What’s in store for Apple in the new year? Mark Gurman, a reporter who writes the “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, predicts that Apple will have a strong lineup of new iPhones, AirPods, and other products this year, and may launch virtual reality (VR) headset devices, as well as displays that cost only half the price of the current high-end professional screen Pro Display XDR is only half the price of the current high-end professional screen display.

The following are the highlights and items of Apple’s new products rumored to be in the market in 2022, as named by Germain.

External Screens

The Pro Display XDR, a 32-inch Retina 6K display with a brightness of up to 1,600 nits, is currently offered for sale by Apple at a price of $4,999 for a high-end professional display. Germain predicts that Apple will launch a lower-priced screen as a second option this year, and that the price “will be about half the price of the Pro Display XDR.

Germain believes that the production costs of Pro Display XDR displays have “probably declined” since their launch.

In December last year, LG was rumored to be developing three displays based on the current Pro Display XDR and iMac sizes, equivalent to 24″, 27″ and 32″ displays.

iPhone 14 without bangs, iPhone SE with 5G

Germain predicts that Apple’s new flagship iPhone 14 will feature a “perforated” panel to house the front lens to eliminate the “bangs” design.

While the perforation may represent a lesser TrueDepth camera configuration element exposed directly to the user, Apple will come up with alternative ways to keep the flagship phone’s face recognition unlock function. This could take the form of a hidden under-panel approach, operating behind the screen but invisible to the eye.

Other rumors about iPhone 14 include a titanium case, no jack, and even no SIM card slot.

Germain also predicted that Apple will launch an upgraded version of the new iPhone SE in the first half of this year, supporting 5G connectivity.

New MacBook Air with M2 processor

Germain predicts that Apple will launch a new MacBook Air this year with a new Apple-designed M2 processor, which is expected to have up to 10 cores of graphics processing unit (GPU), but it is not clear how much the speed or the number of CPU cores will change.

Other predictions include that the new MacBook Air will have a major design overhaul, with the entire machine being stripped of its wedge shape and replaced with a right-angle edge. It will also be lighter and thinner overall, but the screen will remain 13 inches. There are also rumors that MacBook Air will use mini LED backlight design, but does not have ProMotion automatic adaptation of the screen update rate technology.

Three new Apple Watch models

Germain predicts that Apple will launch three new Apple Watch models, including the new SE, Series 8 and a rugged watch designed for extreme sports enthusiasts.

First MR Headset

Germain predicts that Apple will launch its first VR headset with some augmented reality (AR) capabilities, also known as a mixed reality (MR) headset. According to venture capital firm Loup Ventures, the MR device will be unveiled at Apple’s developer conference (WWDC) this June and will be available in the marketplace as early as 2023.