The spread of the epidemic in Henan, Yuzhou closed the entire area, shut down transportation and classes

The epidemic is spreading across the mainland provinces. The epidemic has also broken out in Xin’an County and Yuzhou City in Luoyang City, Henan Province. Currently, the whole area of Yuzhou is closed for management, with only entry and exit, suspension of transportation and classes, etc.

Since January 3, Yuzhou City, Huolong Town Liu Gou Village, Xadu Street Huazhuang community, Xadu Street Eurasia Ceramics Co., Ltd. adjusted to the medium risk area.

Yuzhou City officials informed the evening of January 2 that all people in the entire area of Yuzhou are only in and out, and all people in the central city (five offices and four towns) are not in and out. The city’s buses, cabs, net cars, passenger shuttle lines suspended operations. All types of primary and secondary schools in the city (including preschools) immediately suspended offline teaching activities.

On January 2, Yuzhou found two cases of asymptomatic infection, they are 56-year-old man from Liugu Village, Huolong Town, and 69-year-old man from Huazhuang Village, Xadu Street. Both work at Eurasian Ceramics Co., Ltd. and have no history of out-of-home travel in the last 14 days. 3, Yuzhou added one new case of infection.

The city of Yuzhou is located in central Henan Province and is part of Xuchang City.

The mainland netizen said, “It will never end, one wave is not yet over, another wave is rising.” “The family said they stayed up late last night (2nd) to have already done the nucleic acid, the control is very strict.” “Yuzhou so nervous should not know the source, can not find the source may have cross-infection in the city.”

“A person who is in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province wishes that Henan’s control can be more scientific and more practical. Reduce the show, leaders with empathy to lay out the task of prevention and control …… to avoid the implementation of the written meaning of zero, and was a sweeping approach to send the whole building the whole neighborhood to centralized isolation ……”

There are also netizens said, “prevention and control of the epidemic for two years still unchanged, or even increasingly strict, social psychology, the rule of law, the economy certainly can not afford, and now we need to change.” “Not against the blockade, but against the officials for political achievements only to control the epidemic as the first priority, the people’s basic livelihood security can not keep up, which shows that the capacity needs to be strengthened.”

From January 1, the community of Zhengcun and Xigou Village in Zhengcun Town, Xin’an County, Luoyang City, was adjusted to a medium-risk area. On the same day, officials in Luoyang City informed that eight indigenous asymptomatic infected people were found in Xin’an County, Luoyang City.

An infected person in Xin’an County, Luoyang City, He Moumou, went to attend Liu’s wedding in Yue Gou Village, Shimen Township, Nanzhao County, Nanyang City, on December 24 and 25 last year, and stayed in Wolong District, Longwanggou Scenic Area, Xiaozhai Street during the period. A total of 218 people attended the wedding banquet on that day. 31, He Moumou contracted the disease.

Since January 3, two new high-risk areas and seven medium-risk areas have been added to Xi’an. As of January 3, there were 3 high-risk areas and 64 medium-risk areas in Xi’an.

On the afternoon of January 3, Xi’an officials informed that 90 new local confirmed cases were reported in Xi’an on January 2. Since December 9, a total of 1,663 local confirmed cases have been reported in Xi’an. (Note: The official figures have been questioned by outsiders because of the Chinese Communist Party’s habit of concealing the truth about the epidemic.)

On January 2, Wang Bin, Party Secretary of Xi’an Yanta District, and Cui Shiyue, Deputy Party Secretary of Yanta District, were removed from their posts, and Yang Jianqiang, Vice Mayor of Xi’an, was also appointed as Party Secretary of Yanta District.

Local netizens said, “My father is in the city village of Xi’an, the price of vegetables rose to sky-high prices, the city village are no one to manage, bullying the people?” “Save us who have been isolated at home for 10 days, then three days without nucleic acid, but were asked to focus on isolation, desperate.”

“To make the numbers look good without regard for the safety of the people, although I am not part of the centralized quarantine, I have children too! I have parents too! We can all carry the burden of blindly pulling away and not making arrangements for measures to protect isolated people, but what about babies, children, pregnant women, and the elderly, if there is an outbreak of infection in centralized quarantine? Is it possible that the infection in the quarantine area will not be confirmed by the record Xi’an? I hope that the motherland special period can protect these people who need to be protected!”