100 million units! Intel celebrates a historic moment

Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel, announced that EyeQ SoC system integration chip, which is known as the brain of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), has shipped more than 100 million units.

In the early days, only luxury sedans and SUVs were equipped with this safer ADAS system, but after the tireless efforts of Intel and Mobileye, a pure vision-based ADAS system was introduced, and low-cost computer vision technology was available for ordinary small cars.

Today, most cars in production are equipped with this advanced safety technology, and the ADAS business has contributed about 60 percent of Mobileye’s total sales over the past four years.

Studies have shown that basic passive ADAS features, such as forward collision warning (FCW), lane departure warning (LDW), and blind zone detection, can effectively reduce the number of collisions and the severity of accidents, and these features were pioneered by Mobileye.

In March 2017, Intel spent a huge $15.3 billion (about RMB 100 billion in question) to acquire the Israeli self-driving startup Mobileye, which holds 80% of the ADAS market and is also a system supplier to Tesla.