Elementary school students “wear a room to school” netizens look closely at the line dumbfounded: this can not afford to touch

With the trend of fewer children, parents always want to provide the best care and resources for their children. For wealthier families, it seems to be a matter of opinion whether it is appropriate for their children to wear expensive brand names to school.

The newest addition to the list is a new one. (Photo: taken from Weibo)

The first time I saw the movie, I was able to see it.

In detail, the student’s down jacket is a French brand “LV”, one worth 380,000 yuan, about 1.62 million New Taiwan dollars. The shoes are a limited edition of NIKE, costing 810,000 yuan, about NTD 3.52 million. The seemingly ordinary sports pants also cost 4,000 yuan, about NTD 17,000 yuan, which can be said to be very amazing.

The company’s newest addition to the company’s portfolio is a new product, which will be available for purchase in the future. Netizens have left comments: “In case the elementary school students play around, accidentally stepped on, dirty how to do”, “I can not afford to pay for this”, “disguised children to show off wealth?” Some people also said, “Be sure to remind the children, do not go near him.

However, some people think that students who can have such a dress, the school they attend is bound to be not cheap, students may not be surprised, only to let the average netizen sour words.