30-year-old woman bartered 28 times to successfully exchange for a house

This 30 year old American woman managed to get a house in exchange after 28 savvy bartering sessions!

During the 2020 epidemic lockdown , Demi Skipper, who had nothing to do at home, saw a talk by a daredevil on a TED talk show.

The daredevil named Kyle MacDonald, in which he specifically told the story of how, 15 years ago, he traded a paperclip for a house in a year.

On Facebook, there are often some users post to exchange objects, which makes Demi inspired, so set a small goal to use their own hairpin to exchange for a house!

Since then, after work, Demi spent a lot of time browsing and posting on the Internet. During this period, due to posting too often, her account was once banned by Facebook!

She was happy with it and didn’t give up. She first traded the clip for a pair of earrings, the earrings for a set of wine glasses, and the wine glasses for a used vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner was traded in for a ski, and the ski allowed her to trade in an Apple TV, Bose headphones …… and in between a MacBook, video camera, limited edition shoes, minivan and tractor and a few cars ……

With the continuous learning refinement along the way, and perseverance, she eventually managed to exchange to a house in Tennessee!

However, fascinated by this game process Demi, and not ready to stop here, she said, will continue to exchange the game with this set of houses, to see what can be exchanged later.