Shanghai small red building: Zhao Fuqiang has special resources 6th floor is all exposed female clothing

An ordinary man from Xinxiang (now a town) of Taixing, Jiangsu Province, made an unfinished story in the ten-mile foreign court of Shanghai Beach. In this story, he once worked towards the direction of a “tycoon”, but eventually fell due to crime, and the building that played an important pivotal role in his fate was imaginatively called the “Red Mansion”.

The case of Zhao Fuqiang, the owner of the Red House, was publicly announced on September 22, 2020, when the Shanghai Second Intermediate Court issued a notice that 38 defendants were guilty of organizing, leading and participating in a triad society. Zhao Fuqiang, the first offender, was sentenced to death, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated all his personal property. The other 37 defendants were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 2 years and 6 months to 20 years.

Behind Zhao Fuqiang, there is still a complex and large commercial and business network. With the help of some special political and business resources, he may hold thousands of storefronts at low prices and act as a “second landlord” in Shanghai Beach. In the first few years, he created the brand of “Huiyi Eating and Drinking” food city (or food street) under the premise of operating more restaurants in some of its high-traffic storefronts, and gradually expanded the business to Beijing, as well as retreating to his hometown of Taixing City, Jiangsu Province. Locals know the “Shanghai Red House”, because of the sun and rain, in fact, the appearance of the red has long been largely faded. But on November 3, 2019, the building was still surrounded by scaffolding and hung with a green safety net. Workers said to give the appearance of this building to change the color.

Zhao Fuqiang did not become a contemporary “Red House magnate” after all.

The faded red building

After September 2019, some citizens in Shanghai have shown particular interest in a house with only six floors at the intersection of Xuchang Road and Huimin Road in Yangpu District.

However, the only people who have heard of this building in Shanghai so far are basically Shanghai people, or Shanghai locals. When they pass by on foot or by car, they can’t help but stop and look at it, or salute it. Others, simply gathered at the intersection, talking about the building in Shanghainese, arguing and debating some stories or legends about the building.

Nearby residents said that the building was actually in trouble roughly in April 2019, not in business anymore, and was seized roughly in June and July. Later, the building’s security guards and other staff, because they did not get paid for several months, they dragged some of the objects in the building to the nearby scrapyard and sold them to offset their wages. However, the staff of the nearby scrapyard told reporters that they had not received the objects sent out of the building.

November 2, 2019, “Shanghai red building” outside the construction of steel pipe frame began to build, the foreman cautiously replied that they are only responsible for erecting the frame, as for what to build the frame, do not know. The local authorities a few days ago in front of the building a new black monitoring column, the camera is facing the door of the building. The camera on the gray steel column in front of the door, originally has been “watching” the intersection of Huimin Road westward, these days began to “not doing its job”, turning its head to stare dead at the door of the red building, or the crowd gathered at the door.

“That building is inside the bed and other furniture, we do not receive these things,” said the owner of the scrap store.

The reason why Shanghai people call the building “red building”, because the building’s ground floor exterior paint, red, sun and rain for a long time, the building’s red, already looks very light. The door of the building, now black aluminum frame, embedded dark glass, can not be seen from the outside of the situation. The gate is locked from the inside and cannot be opened. By the evening of November 3, 2019, the gate, and the entire building, was fully covered by a green building safety net.

Because the first floor of this building is a very light ochre red, the color faded over time and the exterior color of the first floor, appeared a bit more pink. The second floor and above, for yellow, sunlight for a long time, these yellow degraded into light goose yellow.

Shanghai people call this building, figuratively: “red building”.

The building and the right side and the back of the residential community “family fortune home”, in the appearance of color is a unified style, but the Shanghai people basically ignore the “family fortune home” appearance exists – in In their eyes, the so-called “red building” refers only to this small 6-story building.

Residents near the building said that this building was a hotel more than a decade ago, and later opened a teahouse inside, they had gone inside the building to the 4th and 5th floor to play mahjong. And then the last few years, it is not open to the public, turned into the nature of the club premises.

The “deep line” reporter through the street map view, the building in June 2012, did open a hotel, named “Huichang Inn”.

Huichang Inn’s industrial and commercial records show that the store was registered on February 20, 2009, with a registered capital of 100,000 yuan, a sole proprietorship, initially funded by Shandong Qixia Lin Shaohui, on September 9, 2014, Lin withdrew, and Jiang Dingqing of Baoying County, Jiangsu Province, wholly owns all the equity of Shanghai Huichang Inn. The business is still extant.

Historic street photos of the building show a pile of partition panels for building renovation roughly 2 meters high, to the left of the building’s front door, back in June 2012. This shows that the building was under renovation at this point in time.

In June 2012, the Shanghai Red Building was called “Huichang Hotel”. The front of the building was still full of vehicles, and the glass of the front door was transparent glass, and there were some isolation panels for building decoration piled up on the left side of the front door. It is not possible to confirm whether the 6th floor of the building was renovated to its current state and started “business” in private in June 2012. Image from Street View Map’s historical image

The front door of the store is facing the center of Xuchang Road and Huimin Road. The door is about 2.8 meters wide, with a roller shutter door and transparent glass door, with two red sticky anti-collision stripes, and a one-foot-square word “live” on each side. The door of the door head, there are red “Huichang Hotel” several luminous italic large word module, under the “room rate, 50, 108 yuan” of green luminous word module. The lintel on the rain block, stickers “hotline: 55311378” words. This number is also one of the store’s business registration numbers.

This is a very rural exterior style facade.

In September 2014, the “red building” door lintel on the “Huichang Inn” and the words “room rate information” were all removed and replaced by the wall on the 2nd to 3rd floor above the left side of the lintel, vertically pasted “Chuang Fu Building “4 big words. Above these 4 big words, there is a round logo (LOGO) in blue on a white background, and the visual identifier in the middle seems to be a blue standing cartoon cat.

Previously, even residents who have lived near the building for decades did not know what was going on inside the Shanghai Red Building. A resident said, “They have almost 10 years recently or so, never open to the public, downstairs generally features 2 security guards to keep watch and help arrange vehicle parking, etc., and used to occasionally put a large wolf dog at the door.”

On the morning of November 2, 2019, a large truck has pulled several trucks of steel pipes, several workers began to build a steel pipe frame outside the red building.

“Is this building going to be torn down, or is it going to paint the exterior?” The reporter asked.

The foreman leaned on the back of other people’s motorcycles parked on the roadside, raised his eyes at the reporter, cautiously replied, “We only care to build the frame, the other do not know.”

From the Shanghai Red Building ground floor door inside the walkway looking out, outdoor objects are clearly visible, outside the gate of the white Buick business car license plate tail number “880”, the owner is a young woman.

The mystery of the 6-story building

Shanghai red building of the secret, how to uncover?

The building is east-west, north to south, the building is about 30 meters long from east to west, and about 18 meters wide from north to south. There is a pedestrian staircase on the east and west side (left and right side).

Shanghai Red Building 6th floor house type and structural drawings, the actual building structure and the 6th floor wall posted on the “fire evacuation schematic” basically completely inconsistent, whether through the fire inspection is not known. Because the building is a frame structure office building, the ceiling height is 4 meters, which provides hardware support for the luxurious decoration of the rooms in the building. The concealed door and right staircase, actually used as a fast escape alternate passage.

The west side (directly to the left of the building) where the staircase is located, is adjacent to the building’s current main door, which is directly opposite the intersection of Xuchang Road and Huimin Road. West side of the building is narrow, the building is only about 1.3 meters wide, now used as the main staircase, with decoration and painting; East side of the staircase is about 1.8 meters wide, not decorated, basically abandoned, as a backup channel or escape route.

The main door on the first floor of the red building has been modified and repaired to a black aluminum frame with dark brown glass on the basis of the 2012 and 2014. After this modification, from outside the building can not see the situation inside the building. However, inside the building, you can see the outdoor situation without any obstacle.

Stepping into the front door, there is a roughly 7-meter passage, which is about 2.5 meters wide. Directly opposite to the passage, a giant fish tank was installed on the face, the fish tank was about 80 cm from the ground, the fish tank was about 2.5 meters long and 2.5 meters high, the height did not touch the ceiling. After deducting the space from the ground, the permeable viewing height of the fish tank is roughly 2.5 meters long and 1.2 meters high. Now there is no water and no fish in the tank.

The elevator entrance on the first floor of Shanghai Red Building is decorated in a low-key and ordinary way, and there is no camera installed outside the elevator entrance. A large ornamental fish tank was put in front of the door after entering. The door outside the elevator without password and swipe card device. Because of the power failure, it is not possible to confirm whether a door card or password is required to start the elevator or press the button to light the stairs reached after entering the elevator. According to nearby residents, there is no access card or password to enter the building.

To the left of the fish tank is the elevator, the main access point for guests entering and leaving this building.

On the upper side of this elevator entrance, there are no cameras.

On the right side of the first floor, next to the building, and on the right side of the building, is the finance department. The door cannot be opened. Diagonally across from the finance department, there is a small cubicle with a door that again cannot be opened.

One feature of the key rooms and hallway doors in the building is that there are non-contact access locks with codes. With these access locks, it is impossible to go upstairs, enter a floor or enter a key room without a password or access card. This device, which confirms what nearby residents say “upstairs, into each area need separate access cards and passwords, the area of the card or password, can not enter another area” statement.

The building’s 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, in fact, are basically warehouses, which put a variety of restaurant tableware, tables and chairs, the largest room on the east side of the 2nd floor, there are a dozen single beds. Some residual bedding shows that this place was almost the accommodation of migrant workers or kitchen workers.

The 5th floor is the floor where the guest rooms are located.

But these rooms, basically with the remote provinces and cities of the township guest house decoration standards or bed level, some of the rooms, or double pine bed 4 rooms, single with a narrow bathroom. This level of decoration may also be the reason why the store was previously named “Inn”. The room price of 50 to 105 yuan per day is relatively rare in a city like Shanghai Beach, where every inch of land counts.

The bed in room 506. This is the only bed in a luxuriously decorated room in the Shanghai Red Mansion that has not been moved. The beds, mattresses and other major facilities in the other luxuriously decorated rooms have mostly been emptied. The backrest of this bed, in plain white relief, complemented by silver gray trim and soft package leather. The wall is dark gold soft package, the whole room with a white background, bright gold lines and gold inlay as the main feature, highlighting the nobility. The downside is that this room is short of space.

The layout of the 5th floor, which is 18 meters in the north-south direction, is divided into 3 areas, north, central and south, with a row of guest rooms in each area. Among them, the width of the central area is twice as wide as that of the north-south area, because the rooms in the central area are actually two rooms back-to-back, side by side in a row. So, in fact, the rooms on the 5th floor are divided into a total of 4 rows in the east-west direction, one row in the north, 2 rows back-to-back in the middle, and 1 row in the south side against Xuchang Road.

The east end of the 5th floor is a larger suite, this suite is characterized by the bathroom is the largest in the Shanghai red building, 6 meters long, 3 meters wide, a lot of space, you can do a lot of things in the bathroom. However, the decoration of this bathroom is average, only slightly better level of budget hotel decoration level, just add a white Jacuzzi.

However, not all the rooms on the 5th floor are low-grade decoration, the room that should be arranged 506 by number, the interior is the luxury decoration, and it is 2 rooms, one of them with a bathroom, and the other room is the living room.

Shanghai red building within the luxury decoration rooms, are not numbered, as for the reason not numbered, not known.

Suite 506 is decorated in European style, with white doors, white columns with gilt decoration, the roof is also white with gilt trim, cabinets, coffee tables, stools and other furniture is also European, can be decorated with gilt, basically with gilt decoration. The exception is the bed, which is carved with silver-like decorations, with a wall backboard with an earthy gold upholstered headboard, in a white plain and gilded decorations of the lustrous reflection, extremely noble.

The elevator exit on the 6th floor, with gilt decoration on the ceiling, walls or columns wrapped in light-colored marble with patterns or black granite, inlaid with patterned flooring, has been simplified to a very subtle point compared to the guest room area. The most important point of this passage is that there is a camera above the double doors after entering the guest room area – any guest who goes out through this door can have his or her face captured.

From the left side of the building stairs up to the 6th floor, the left side of the elevator, the right side of the passage. At the end of the passage, there is a 4-meter-long, 2-meter-high oil painting on the wall, and the picture is that of a beautiful old-fashioned woman with a great figure.

The space where the giant beauty spray painting is located is a reception hall with a length of about 4 meters from north to south and a width of about 3 meters from east to west. Opposite the painting, is a white shoe cabinet, shoe cabinet above, put two 40 cm high white vase, vase above the carved flowers highlighted, supplemented by gilt decoration.

To the north of the reception hall are two dark mahogany doors with gilt inlay.

When you step through the mahogany doors, you are greeted by the almost dark parlor. The parlor is about 7 meters long and wide, and the front inlaid wall is inlaid with a block of marble about 4 meters long and 3 meters high, with picturesque stone patterns. The left and right walls, both surrounded by black marble, are inlaid with six white decorative panels, each with a fine gilt pattern, and in the center of the decorative panels, a square recessed rectangular gilt color block.

Photo: The “reception hall” on the 6th floor after exiting the elevator.

On the left and right sides of the meeting room to the south, there are two white spiral twill-topped wooden pillars with gilt decoration on the top and bottom piers; the ceiling is surrounded by gilt pressed strips; the ceiling is sandblasted with silver gray metallic grains, with fine gilt relief ornaments, and suspended copper crystal chandeliers.

The meeting room is scattered with a 3-person sofa and 2 single sofas, sofa for solid wood carving, wood quality is unknown, the style of Chinese, fancy and complicated, with leather.

Because the power supply in the parlor has been cut off, and there are no windows and light penetration in the east, west and north 3 directions, and the light on the south side can not be direct, so its luxury and flow of light, can not be reflected in the shooting screen and live experience.

However, the extravagant decoration of the other rooms made up for the lack of this “dark living room”.

The left (northwest) wall of the “dark living room” and the cluttered wood carved leather sofa. This living room without natural light into the living room, and the front of the living room for a huge black granite with grain, more seem the common living room has a touch of solemnity, calm atmosphere. But this atmosphere, in the glorious roof, chandeliers, walls, furniture and other rich and noble atmosphere reflect a special kind of luxury.

The Hidden “Palace”

The rooms on the 6th floor of the Shanghai Red Building are not numbered, and there is no room name.

In order to facilitate the presentation to the readers, the reporter has numbered and named the rooms (or suites) in the building based on the field view, as well as the decoration, equipment and facilities, functional configuration, and especially the nature of the legacy, in order to quickly understand the general appearance of the floor.

The left side of the dark parlor is a corridor, 2 meters ahead, there is a double door, behind the door for the “No. 1 suite.

The reason why it is called “Suite No. 1”, one because its decoration and configuration of the extravagant degree, far more than other suites; two because the suite has the largest number of rooms, the largest area of each room; three because the suite is located in a convenient location, as well as equipped with a luxury “dark parlor The “Suite 1” is located in the “Dark Room”.

“Suite 1 is located on the leftmost (west) side of the 6th floor of Shanghai Red Mansion, adjacent to Huimin Road.

At the entrance of “Suite 1”, there is a foot mat made of natural pebbles and a sticker in front of the foot mat, which reads “Please take off your shoes when entering”. The reason for this sticker is that “Suite No. 1” is paved with beige carpet except for the bathroom. As for whether the guests who actually enter the suite will take off their shoes when they enter, it cannot be confirmed yet.

The living room of “Suite 1”. For privacy reasons, the floor-to-ceiling curtains on the balcony are always closed, and the light from the uncovered gap of the balcony is shot through the gray screen door into the dark living room, forming a strong contrast between the brightness and the darkness. The balcony with the green plastic fake lawn in the picture is a balcony built with a steel frame outside after knocking out the wall.

West into the “Suite 1”, the first thing that caught the eye is the front 7 meters away from a door, the curtain slit through the light. In the morning, this light hit the dark red wall cabinet and upright piano on the left side (south side, Xuchang Road side), which had some horror movie atmosphere.

However, the extravagant and expensive ceiling and chandelier dilute this atmosphere: the ceiling is still surrounded by large gilt surrounds with reliefs, which decorate the connection between the ceiling and each façade wall or cabinet. The ceiling is vaulted and curved, covered with a silvery gray metallic cushion, set with round or curved gilt ornaments, with brass pieces of crystal chandeliers, and with a little light, the room is full of gold.

The door that transmits light actually turns out to be a window.

Street map shows that after 2014, the 6th floor of the building against the Huimin Road side of the window, supporting the steel frame, hard to build a floor with the same height, about 3 meters wide outside the window out. The floor of this window, paved with plastic green lawn, with a few pots of flowers and plants.

Shanghai red building on the 6th floor, “Suite 1” bathroom ceiling, in addition to the word “palace” to accurately and briefly relay the degree of luxury, it is difficult to find a second word to describe the degree of luxury of the bathroom decoration. In fact, room 506 and all the guest rooms on the 6th floor are decorated at this level, only the style of the ceiling is different.

The most extravagant part of this bathroom remains in the ceiling. Compared with other rooms on this floor, the ceiling of this bathroom, with a double-layered ceiling, uses the most gilded decoration, the most intensive and the most complicated, but because of the clever design, but extravagant, noble and not fickle.

The highlight of this bathroom is the bathing area on the left side of the door, on the side of Huimin Road (west side): the bathtub is arched with two steps of dark purple granite steps, 2 corners on the east side with 2 light-colored marble materials, straight top ceiling, gilt cylinders and standing carved shapes on the top and bottom of the columns, arched with a dark purple granite-like rectangular frame on the periphery of the bathtub, inside the frame, with 2 layers of ceiling, each with a double ceiling The ceiling is decorated with gilding as much as possible, with rectangular crystal lamps.

This palace bathroom is equipped with a 1.5-meter-square shower with a full transparent glass partition, the entire bathroom, up and down, from the ceiling to the walls, to the floor, from the door to the vanity mirror, to the lighting, configuration, facilities, are extremely thoughtful, the design level is very high, the use of materials, and finally create a palace-like effect.

To the right of this bathroom is a bedroom about 6 meters long and 5 meters wide.

The bedroom has been largely emptied, but its remnants still provide a glimpse of the extreme extravagance of the time: even a small garbage can is painted with gilt relief patterns.

The effect of the ceiling of the bathtub in the bathroom of “Suite No. 1”, with its four layers of gilded ceiling and unstinting gilding, is a great example of the richness of lying in the bathtub and looking at such a luxurious ceiling decoration.

In the bedroom of “Suite 1”, the wall where the back of the bed is located is surrounded by black granite with veins, and the whole wall is decorated with scarlet red soft package panels 50 cm long and 30 cm high, which stimulate the senses and excite the senses when the light shines.

The left side of the bedroom (north side) is framed with dark mahogany wood, hollowed out to reveal some structural strips and blocks of space, with flesh-colored wallpaper inside, and between the frame and the wallpaper, painted with silver gray metallic paint, which, under the light, can create a visual effect of gold and silver together with the ceiling and related decorations.

The roof of the room is recessed 40 cm upward beyond the 3-meter height and divided into two dome shaped spaces with a metallic silver-gray paint, a wide pattern of light gold stripes, and a 20 cm wide gilt embossed roof strip.

In fact, the six guest suites on the 6th floor of Shanghai Red Mansion, the dark parlor, and the ceilings of the corridors are all decorated in this style and standard, the difference only lies in the fact that different rooms are decorated with different patterns of wide light gold strips on the ceiling.

Shanghai red building decoration effect is compelling, but also because the building is not an ordinary commercial building, each floor of the air up to 4 meters, which provides hardware support for the building’s luxury rooms in the decoration. Secondly, the building is a frame office building, the building’s fire structure map shows that the whole building, in fact, only 17 pillars can not be moved, the rest of all the walls, can be removed, so the room structure can be removed at any time own split space. This also led to the reporter found in the building, posted on the wall of the “6th floor fire evacuation plan” of the room structure, except for the stairs, elevators outside the room, basically with the current situation of the floor is completely inconsistent.

It is impossible to confirm how the fire inspection of the floor was passed.

“Suite No. 1” now has a few surviving furniture, bedside tables, low cabinets and dressers, as well as a luxurious space recliner-like computer automatic massage chair. These objects, style, material are extremely sophisticated, common in the five-star hotel presidential suite or executive suite.

Suite space No. 1 is the largest and most richly equipped room in the Shanghai Red Mansion. Inside the drawers or cabinets in this room, there are boxes and instructions for Apple iPads (tablet computers) and iPhones (Apple phones), as well as some back pain patches. Because there are few windows, a spray painting of Venice at night with an open window is pasted on the wall.

Recklessness and privacy

However, “Suite 1” is not perfect, at least, it lacks enough natural light.

For example, the balcony outside the living room of “Suite 1” is built with a steel frame, and thick blackout curtains can only be drawn at any time to ensure that privacy is not leaked. The glass window in the bathroom is large but has purple curtains with a pattern. The bedroom window, although only a 1.2 meters high, 40 cm wide plastic window, can be fully open, but all paste the frosted glass.

But this is not enough – outside this window, a new addition to the outer package of windows, that is, with a nearly cabinet-like outer building, forming an outer window, the outer window can only open up to about 2 cm of air, this 2 cm of light transmission, by the inner and outer layers of the window turn, the outer window of the upper and lower left and right and front side of the five sides are frosted film, as well as the inner window with frosted film With the combination of protection, it can ensure that the interior of the room cannot be seen from any angle outside the window.

Because of the low light transmission, the north wall of the room, but also a special open about 1.8 meters high, 1.6 meters wide fake window: on the wall with a window spray painting pattern, two windows are open, outside the window, is a picture of Venice in the evening.

The biggest difference between Suite No. 1 and other rooms in Shanghai Red House is that the room’s bed backrest is located on the wall, a dark red soft package color block, other rooms are either earthy gold, or seductive blue-violet, light purple, dark red in the building’s target customer groups, has a special meaning, implying dignity. (The small picture in the lower right corner shows the entrance of the room and the TV wall, the TV is only 42 inches, but can be turned and poked forward 40 cm)

Out of Suite No. 1, on the right side (east side, middle of the 6th floor) is a single room with a closet and dressing table and bathroom. On the left side (north side) is Suite 2. The wall tiles in the bathroom of Suite 2, painted with gold lines, have some sense of gold and brilliance in the light, but the bathroom is small, 2.6 meters long and 2 meters wide, and the position between the toilet and the dressing table is cramped.

The wall against the backboard side of the bed in room No. 2 is a blue and purple soft package decoration, which covers almost the whole wall, with a pattern of diagonal squares lined with walnut-sized glass crystals between them. The difference between the ceiling of this room and the other rooms is that although both have gilt as the ceiling border, but the ceilings of other rooms, mostly silver-gray with a metallic background, while the ceiling in Room 2, is the entire pavement gilt color relief pattern.

The deficiency of room 2, is still a serious lack of natural light, the room only less than 20 cm wide a window can be transparent, but also can not open, and frosted film. Through a gap of about 1 mm at the edge of the film untidy, you can see downstairs “family home” in the community channel, parked vehicles, there are pedestrians walking around.

Room No. 2, the ingenuity of the east side of the floor-to-ceiling glass mirror.

This is actually a concealed door. However, this concealed door does not have a handle.

The door can be pulled open like a door by holding a finger on the concave and convex decorative strip of the glass mirror frame. After pulling open, you can see a whole white board about 10 cm from the frame, which makes the floor glass mirror pulled open, giving the illusion that the mirror is actually “dead end” behind.

However, lightly shake this white board, there is a sense of shaking, with the palm of your hand against the white board, slide to the right, you can slide open this board.

Slide open this board, you can see is a common closet space, about 2 meters high, about 0.8 meters wide, just no middle partition. Then slide the bottom of the cabinet to the right (which is actually the sliding door of another room’s closet), and you can enter the largest room on the 6th floor, the “14 Beautiful Bedroom”.

It looks like a floor-to-ceiling mirror in Room 2, but it is actually a hidden door that can be pulled open, leading to the next room and the alternate staircase on the east side of the building, leading to the ground floor exit. The room is lavishly decorated with a ceiling in gold and gilt relief, complemented by crystal chandeliers. The closet shelf on the right side of the picture has a silver smock strung with all-metal square particles, and matching glasses.

These 3 concealed doors, all without handles, have no locking mechanism or hints. Looking back at room 2 in the 14 beauty bedroom, the third sliding door visible when coming over is actually the cabinet door of a closet in the 14 beauty room, and after sliding shut, it is essentially impossible to find that concealed doorway visually.

The room, which is approximately 11 meters long from east to west and 9 meters wide from north to south, is called the “14 Beauties’ Bedroom” because of the decorative style and multiple remnants of the room, which indicate that it was used as a group accommodation for young women. Although all the rooms on the 6th floor closet, there are dozens of various female clothes, mostly exposed sexy clothes, but also all kinds of professional clothes for role-playing, as well as some bras, brassieres, girdles, stockings, but after all, that is the guest room, with clothes, may only be for the company to the room “work” to provide the personnel “Work clothes”.

Logically, they are not supposed to stay in the room where the guests come to spend money, because it is not conducive to the guests to select the service provider.

The 14 beauty bedroom is equipped with seven sets of bunk beds, including one set on the northwest side, three sets on the north side, two sets on the east side, and one set on the south side. Each set of beds has a 0.8-meter-wide closet on the left side, and each person’s bed, recessed from each other, has a locker. The bed is 1.5 meters wide, and the mattress on the bed is as high class and comfortable as a four-star hotel. But under the mattress pad, is a pine horizontal strip, and no elasticity.

Below the bed, there are 2 drawers. In some drawers, there are train tickets with young women’s names, medical examination sheets, and some phone bills with women’s names left behind.

The room is a collective boudoir for 14 people, decorated in the same style of white with gold, with purple soft bags, gray bed curtains, with a quiet, elegant and light luxury taste. 14 beauty boudoir so elegant and stylish, but also highlights the degree of dignity of the guests they serve.

Inside the room, there are three European-style white tables, some drawers, there are small round dressing mirrors and a total of more than a dozen pieces of “Huiyang Huiyang Food & Beverage Management Co.

On the 6th floor of Shanghai Red Building, in addition to suite 5 and suite 6 on Xuchang Road, the windows of the rest of the rooms are basically all frosted with frosted film, and the windows of the 10-meter-long balcony on the east side of the 6th floor are all frosted with frosted film. On the balcony, there are still a few pieces of women’s clothes hanging.

The Schedule of Classes found on the floor by the reporter of “Waiting for the Deep Line” shows that the 14 beauties who live in this collective boudoir may train regularly in dance, music, acting, and even drama. On the futon of one of the beds, there was an open but title-facing book, “A Woman’s Cultivation and Wisdom in the World”. The building also contains nearly 100 other books of various kinds to improve inner qualities, such as “FBI Psychological Manipulation” and “Harvard Management Translation Series”.

Privacy and Security

The results of the field view show that the dark passage between Room 14 and Room 2 allows the personnel on that floor to evacuate quickly and instantly from the 6th floor and reach the ground floor exit via the staircase on the east side of the building without obstacles.

The staircase on the east side of the building corresponds to the door lock, the door is opened from the outside, but only need to directly pull the pin of the spring lock, you can easily evacuate from the place near the “family home” gate kiosk, safe.

The west side of the 14 beauty room to the south is a channel, the east side of the channel, are two long and narrow rooms, respectively 3 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. Against the north side of the narrow room, the north wall is a giant mirror, the south wall, a row of small compartments straight to the roof shelves. Below the mirror is a dressing table with 7 drawers for 7 people to dress up at the same time, so for the sake of identification, it is temporarily called “7 beauty dressing room”.

The long and narrow room to the south is the washroom and bathroom, which can be used for 4 people to wash and 4 people to bathe at the same time. However, logically speaking, the corresponding washroom and bath cannot be carried out at the same time, because the water sprayed from the bathing nozzle will affect the person washing. The vanity is a countertop sink with a grainy granite countertop and an oval bowl-shaped washbasin, and the washroom is European style with the same gilt pattern.

7 beauty powder room. Still dominated by white and gold, it can accommodate seven people for makeup at the same time. This dressing room and the 4-person washroom and bath room immediately adjacent to it are shown with fox odor spray in the lower left corner, unopened.

Rooms 4, 5, 6, suites and single rooms on the 6th floor are decorated in a style comparable to the previous rooms, differing only in details.

The reporter of “Waiting for the deep line” in the 6th floor of the building out of the elevator against the canal and the reception hall, the reception hall of the giant painting of a semi-nude woman facing the direction of the exit of the elevator, both have cameras, the two cameras, there is always a camera can take the face of any person entering or leaving the floor.

The reporter did not find a camera in the 6th floor guest room of the building, nor did he find a hidden camera for the time being.

In fact, there are very few cameras on the 6th floor compared to the 5th floor, and there are cameras at the elevator entrance on the 5th floor and in all passages without dead ends. The brand of the camera is “Trinity Electronics”, the camera for the more expensive CCD mode, rather than the common CMOS mode, with infrared mode, that is, even in the dark, no light, but also can shoot clearly. Of course, the premise is to have electricity.

On the 7th floor of the building, after going up and along the anti-clockwise direction, after three turns, a sauna room of about 7 meters in length and width is visible, which also has a soaking pool of about 2 meters in length and 1.3 meters in width. Only the decoration of the sauna room and the outdoor changing place, etc., are more modest.

The satellite map shows that the 7th floor of the building, in fact, was gradually built within the last few years on the top of the original 6th floor in a phased expansion. Whether it is approved or legal, can not be confirmed.

Shanghai red building on the 6th floor, room 3 dressing room and bathroom door on the left side of the air conditioning remote control board, inserted a half palm-sized vellum, with a few lines of beautiful handwritten font, can not confirm the author of the note writing time and motivation. Written on.

Rolling Yangtze River, the waves panned out the heroes.

Right and wrong, success and failure are empty.

The green mountains are still there, and the sunset is red for several times.

The white hair of fishermen and woodcutters on the river islet, used to see the autumn moon and spring breeze.

A pot of muddy wine happy to meet.

How many things in the past and present, all paid off in a laugh.