Biden, Putin hold video conference on 7 to discuss military tensions in Ukraine

U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a videoconference on July 7 to discuss military tensions in Ukraine, among other topics. U.S. government officials say U.S. intelligence sources have determined that Russia is planning a possible military operation against Ukraine.

Reuters reported that Biden wants to discuss U.S. concerns about Russia’s heavy troop build-up along the Ukrainian border as well as strategic stability, cybersecurity and regional topics during the talks, according to U.S. sources on Saturday.

We’ve known about Russia’s actions for a long time, and I expect to have a long discussion with Putin,” Biden told the media on Friday as he departed for Camp David for the weekend. I will not accept red lines set by anyone.”

Russia’s Kremlin said Saturday that Putin and Biden will also discuss bilateral relations and the implementation of the fulfillment of agreements reached at their summit in Geneva last June.

Kremlin spokesman Leonid Peskov confirmed to Reuters that the talks will be held on the 7th. The main topics of discussion include bilateral relations, the situation in Ukraine and the implementation of the agreements reached at the Geneva summit.

More than 94,000 Russian soldiers have gathered near the Ukrainian border. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said Moscow authorities may plan a large-scale military attack at the end of January next year.

Biden will reiterate U.S. support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, U.S. sources said.

Biden previously said he and his advisers are preparing a comprehensive package aimed at deterring Putin from taking aggressive action. Biden did not elaborate on the specifics, but the Biden administration has been discussing joining forces with the European Union to impose more sanctions on Russia. Biden also promised to make Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine “very, very difficult.

U.S. intelligence sources have determined that Russia is planning a possible military operation against Ukraine, which could begin as early as early 2022 and would send an estimated 175,000 personnel, according to media reports citing U.S. government officials.

The report cited a Biden administration official, who declined to be identified, as saying that the latest intelligence estimates that half of the Russian personnel involved in the operation have already been deployed to various locations near the Ukrainian border. Officials also said Russian intelligence used local proxies or media to discredit Ukraine and NATO ahead of a possible military operation.