Watch out! Tech stocks and virtual currencies plunge, risky assets may not be done falling

Foreign media reports, U.S. investors are gradually pulling out of risky assets, especially in the technology star stocks the worst! Tesla, Netflix, Nvidia and Facebook parent Meta have all seen their shares fall by more than 10% in the past few weeks. Just last Friday (3), these categories of shares selling momentum intensified, the NYSE technology sector giants index fell 10% from peak levels, is close to the correction range, at the end of the year is not a good sign.

More importantly, virtual currencies, which are more risky and considered “forward-looking indicators for the stock market,” suffered a more severe plunge, with bitcoin plunging 20% on Saturday (4) and ethereum falling more than 15%. The Bank of America’s weekly money flow data also shows that investors have flocked to cash and U.S. Treasuries and other safe-haven assets.