Inner Mongolia Erlian Haote outbreak of epidemic, the entire staff testing, the city suspended work and classes

On October 13, people tested positive for nucleic acid in a logistics park in Erlianhot, Inner Mongolia. The following day, the city’s entire population tested for nucleic acid, the entrance to all traffic roads was closed, and the city was closed to work and school.

On the 14th, the Inner Mongolia Health Commission informed that from 7:00 on the 13th to 7:00 on the 14th, there was one new confirmed local case in Erlianhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, for the closed-loop manager of the Erenhot City Huitong Logistics Park.

On the 12th, the logistics park closed-loop managers for routine testing every other day, a group of tests were found to be positive; on the 13th, 32 managers were found to be positive after nucleic acid testing, and the diagnosis was confirmed on the same day.

On the 14th, the Erenhot City Epidemic Prevention and Control Command circular required that the city’s entire staff be tested for nucleic acid from 12:00 noon on the 14th, and that the first round of full nucleic acid testing be completed by 24:00 on the evening of the 14th.

The notice also requires the 14th zero hour, the city of Erlianhot closed management, the traffic entrances and exits to implement traffic control; the city’s institutions and institutions to stop work and production, the schools, kindergartens, classes are closed, all kinds of business premises suspended.

The webcam shows that the logistics park people have been lining up to do nucleic acid testing.