The number of Hong Kong people settling in Taiwan has reached a new record high and the Land Commission intends to relax the settlement of Hong Kong and Macao professionals in Taiwan

October 13, 2021, Executive President Su Tseng-chang: The government has always been concerned about the situation in Hong Kong, and give support to Hong Kong people.

The number of Hong Kong people migrating to Taiwan has reached a new record high, the media quoted officials as saying that the Taiwan authorities will amend the decree to relax the settlement of Hong Kong and Macao professionals in Taiwan, Executive President Su Tseng-chang reiterated the discretionary situation to assist Hong Kong people. Liu Shih-fang, chairman of the DPP’s Legislative Yuan caucus, said he believed the relaxed rules would help more Hong Kong people. Taiwan’s Causeway Bay bookstore manager Lin Rongji, on the other hand, reminded that the relaxation of Hong Kong people to settle in Taiwan should also consider the political background of the applicants to avoid infiltration.

Taiwan’s “Free Times” reported on Wednesday (13), citing official sources, the government plans to amend the “Hong Kong and Macao residents to enter Taiwan and residence and settlement permit measures”, open to Hong Kong and Macao people who come to Taiwan to engage in professional work, after a certain period of residence, can apply for settlement in Taiwan.

The government is planning to amend the “Regulations for the Entry and Residence of Hong Kong and Macau Residents in Taiwan” to allow Hong Kong and Macau residents to apply for settlement in Taiwan after a certain period of stay. He said that the government has always been concerned about the situation in Hong Kong, has been for Hong Kong in need of friends to give care and support.

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Liu Shifang, chairman of the DPP Legislative Yuan caucus, said that Taiwan has long been a friend of Hong Kong, whether because of envy of Taiwan’s democratic society, or economic factors, there are certain practices.

Liu Shifang said: Now if we can relax his qualifications and restrictions, I believe that for many of our friends to help are great. But because the overall text of the amendment has not yet been sent to the Legislative Yuan, I believe we can discuss. I think when we want to formulate the law, we must strictly consider, whether it is to amend our “cross-strait people’s relations regulations”, or the Ministry of the Interior’s “Immigration Control Act”, or the “Hong Kong and Macao Regulations”, or the “anti-infiltration law” you just mentioned, we will all The DPP’s legislator, Hong Shenhan, said that he would not be able to discuss the issue with the government.

Hong Shenhan, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that during this period of time, we all see that Taiwan and the international community to produce a very, very good mutual aid relations, many international friends to help Taiwan, Taiwan also help everyone, so will use this perspective, suffering from the Chinese Communist Party suppression and the need to exile of Hong Kong friends.

Hong Shenhan said: of course, the relevant system, we have previously provided with a special case way to let everyone in, of course, the follow-up to make the overall system more complete, our help can be more in place, I believe that now the relevant units are actually comprehensive research and development. I think when we see the articles, we can do some more detailed discussion, but I think the most important original intention is that Taiwan is helping the international community important democratic values, we are helping each other, I think it is the most important thing.

Taiwan Causeway Bay bookstore manager Lin Rongji, for his own reported as a possible inclusion in the settlement case said that the threshold for opening a bookstore in Taiwan is very low, if he is also included within the scope of professional immigration, I believe that many Hong Kong people can immigrate.

Lin Rongji believes that in the future, even if the rules are relaxed, the review should also pay attention to the political background of the applicant in order to prevent infiltration.

October 13, 2021, Taiwan Causeway Bay bookstore store manager Lin Rongji: should pay attention to the political background of the applicant to prevent infiltration by professionals qualified to immigrate. (Photo by Chung Kwong-ching)

Lin Rongji said: depends on the situation of the individual to determine, may be he is included in the scope of this professional immigration, but also depends on the background of this person is how, what is the reason for applying to come to Taiwan. Is there a political reason, such as a strong demand for democracy, once made a contribution to democracy, or participated in the protests or resistance in Hong Kong.

According to the latest figures released by Taiwan’s Immigration Department, the number of Hong Kong residents who came to Taiwan for residence permits reached 10,813 and 1,576 for settlement permits last year, both of which broke historical records. From January to August this year, 6,151 Hong Kong residents were granted residence permits and 1,162 settlement permits, an increase of 1,555 and 105 residence and settlement permits respectively over the same period last year, breaking another record for the same period.

The official was quoted in the Free Times report as saying that the current law stipulates that Hong Kong people who come to work in Taiwan are only allowed to stay, not to apply for settlement and cannot be naturalized. In the future, the new system will be changed to specific professionals, graduates of the top 500 universities in the world, and new creators under the age of 35, who stay in Taiwan for three years, can apply for settlement; professional workers, who have stayed for five years, can also apply for settlement. The official cited the example of Causeway Bay bookstore owner Lin Rongji, who is working in Taiwan, or Hong Kong artist Huang Qiusheng, who came to Taiwan with an employment gold card, can apply for settlement if they meet the requirements.