Chinese respiratory disease expert Shi Lockfang died suddenly, once served as vice president of Wuhan Fang Cabin

In the early morning of October 13, Chinese respiratory disease expert Shi Lockfang died suddenly, the official did not specify the specific cause of death, only that he was in the anti-epidemic post “sudden illness” died. It is reported that in February last year, Shi Lockfang had led a team to Wuhan to fight against the epidemic, as the vice president of medical care at the Jiangxia Dahuashan Fang Cabin Hospital.

CCTV News said on October 13, at 1:06 a.m. that day, the director of the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine professor, doctoral supervisor Shi Lockfang, “sudden illness” in Nanjing, the rescue failed, aged 59.

He was a member of the Chinese Communist Party, a Changjiang scholar, and a renowned expert in respiratory diseases in Chinese medicine.

Officials did not disclose details of Shi’s sudden death, only that he died of a “sudden illness.

For more than a year since the outbreak of the Chinese Communist Party virus (COVID-19), official and private sources have revealed that a large number of Communist Party members, medical personnel and police officers have died suddenly on the front lines of the epidemic, but officials have been tight-lipped about the exact cause of death, calling it a “sudden illness.

On Sept. 19, CCTV News posted on its microblog that 27 police officers and 14 auxiliary police officers had died of “sudden illness” during the epidemic in Yunnan since the outbreak in early 2020.

But the outside world found that, except for a few people who died accidentally due to car accidents and other reasons, most of them died suddenly and strangely, and these police officers are not very old, many are only in their 30s.

A video released by CCTV showed that the coffins of some police officers were covered with Communist Party flags, indicating that the dead police officers were all members of the Communist Party.

As early as January 18 of this year, the official Xinhua News Agency reported that 315 police officers and 165 auxiliary police officers died nationwide in 2020 as a result of epidemic prevention and control.

A February 1, 2020 report by the mainland’s Cover News said that in just 11 days, eight police officers died suddenly on the front lines of epidemic prevention and control across the country.

In March 2020, a list of deaths of internal Communist Party epidemic prevention personnel was revealed on the Internet. As of March 17, 2020, this list had 329 deaths, which by profession included civil servants, village cadres, police officers, doctors, and nurses. Among them, 217 were members of the Communist Party.

The list shows that the cause of death for most of these people is labeled “overworked and died of illness. But the outside world questioned this. Netizen WJZ959: “It is unlikely to be overworked to death, the village secretary and village cadres civil servants are paid not to work, basically impossible to die of exhaustion.”

Mocha said, “Party members are a high-risk occupation.”

Meanwhile, a source provided the New Tang Dynasty with a “death list” in which 65 people died on a single page, mostly Communist Party members and police officers who were on the front lines of the epidemic. The cause of death is also mostly written as “sudden illness from overwork”.

According to sources, the list is a partial list of deaths as of February 10, 2020, of those who participated in the epidemic prevention efforts, and it is likely that they died from the CCP virus but were not included in the list of deaths from the epidemic, which is the CCP’s usual cover-up.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese Communist Party has been hiding the truth about the epidemic and the death figures from the public, deliberately creating the illusion that the Communist government is effective in fighting the epidemic and deceiving the Chinese public. Under these circumstances, it remains a mystery as to how many Chinese people have died as a result of the epidemic.

A partial list of deaths of Communist Party epidemic prevention personnel.