CNN: Due to the supply chain crisis, the shortage of goods will not improve in the next two and a half months

According to CNN, consumers can no longer expect to shop like in the “old days,” and manufacturers are warning that food will be in limited supply. Get ready for some disappointing news in the toy, snack, beverage, candy and frozen food aisles.

According to CNN interviews with food vendors, many major U.S. food makers say they will have limited availability of products including kid-friendly Western-style sachima (Rice Krispies Treats), sour patch kids, some Ben & Jerry’s brand ice cream, and some of McCormick’s gourmet spices and frozen treats, due to labor, commodity and shipping constraints. McCormick-made gourmet spices and Marie Callender’s cookies, among others. And some suppliers are also telling grocers to cancel promotions on those items, as well as more promotions during the holidays, so the products don’t disappear from store shelves anytime soon.

CNN reports that Costco and Sam’s Club, along with other grocery stores, will once again limit customer purchases.

And according to IRI, a supply tracking company, 18 percent of beverages, 15 percent of frozen foods, 16 percent of snacks, 15 percent of candy and 18 percent of baked goods were out of stock in stores during the week ending Oct. 3.

Toy company “Basic Fun” (Basic Fun) CEO Jay Foreman (Jay Foreman) said: will not run out of things to buy, but many things will be in short supply, to buy in advance; because of the transportation crisis, from the production of goods to the port, rail lines and trucking are so. And, in the next eight or ten weeks, the situation will not get better.