China’s netizens fear being smashed as a “night pot” as Meng Wanzhou falls out of the top 50 Weibo hot search list

The Chinese Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, who partially confessed to the crime in exchange for her freedom, not only revealed herself at the Shenzhen airport that she was “on the mind” of national leader Xi Jinping, but Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying also confirmed that Xi Jinping was “personally concerned” about the matter. However, some scholars have analyzed that Meng’s four-page “statement of facts” left “evidence” and that the Chinese Communist Party authorities have always punished people who spend a lot of effort to get them back from overseas. The Chinese Communist Party has a history of punishing people who spend a lot of money to get back from overseas.

When Meng returned to China on the 25th, she blew herself up at the Shenzhen airport, saying that Xi Jinping “also has my affairs on his mind” and that he “firmly supports the Party Central Committee with President Xi as the core”; while Hua Chunying confirmed at a regular press conference on the 27th of this month that Meng’s case was “highly respected by the Party and the government”. In a regular press conference on the 27th of this month, Hua Chunying confirmed that Meng Wanzhou’s case had received “great attention from the Party and the government” and that Xi Jinping was “personally concerned” about it.

“The Epoch Times quoted China researcher Heng He as saying that Meng admitted to the U.S. that she had left evidence that the Chinese Communist Party might not let go in the future. Because she is now a tainted person, she was immediately taken back to China on a special plane after being released on bail, and the possibility of facing scrutiny cannot be ruled out.

After Meng returned to China for less than three days, the official media stopped broadcasting the news of Meng’s triumph, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry also shouted on Weibo to stop sending flowers. On the Weibo hot search list, Meng’s news has fallen to the bottom 50.

A Chinese netizen, “The Mercy of Your Eyes,” said in a post that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggested that people should stop sending flowers, “Do the youth of today really have money and no place to spend it? He said he was not concerned about Meng Wanzhou, he did not feel that Meng was a hero, “people go abroad to make money, capital is always capital, Huawei is not likely to give any preferential treatment to the nationals”.

Another Chinese netizen, “James Yiling”, also criticized that Meng Wanzhou was portrayed as a hero who rebelled against the long-armed jurisdiction of the U.S. empire, and the Boxer Rebellion, after all, the big brothers also stood on the front line of the anti-imperialist movement, “Unfortunately, the big brothers were finally smashed by Empress Dowager Cixi as a night pot, and the Boxer Rebellion It has also become a symbol of ignorance and backwardness.” The sarcasm is that Meng Wanzhou will also be used by the authorities to throw away.