Not seen for a year and a half Chen Qiushi sudden appearance: had suffered from depression, the body condition is very poor

Chen Qiushi, a Chinese citizen journalist who was taken away and disappeared after reporting on the Wuhan CCP virus (Covid-19) outbreak in 2020, made his first appearance on September 30 on the live broadcast of his friend, Beijing-based fighter Xu Xiaodong, and also appeared on his Twitter account for the first time to report his safety.

On September 30, Xu Xiaodong broadcasted live on his platform “Xu Xiaodong Beijing Fighting Maniacs” on Youtube, during which Chen Qiushi appeared on camera, his face noticeably thinner than before.

Chen Qiushi said he had not done any video for a long time and was already rusty in the face of the camera. He also revealed that he had been training at Xu Xiaodong’s gym for some time in the past.

Chen Qiushi said in the program, “just able to start moving when the physical condition is very poor, walking a couple of kilometers are full of energy. Then jerked iron (fitness exercise) jerked for a month, felt particularly boring, particularly boring, but then found a small boxing gym to start training, fell in love with the sport, and later came to Beijing.”

He claimed, “The sport of boxing really saved me because I was a little depressed, but the sport thing can make you have a good body, and then your mental condition, mental toughness Chengdu will have grown.”

Chen Qiushi, who was once free and spontaneous in the live show, confessed this time, “I feel really nervous! The last time I was in front of the camera seems to be two years ago.”

He also revealed that because mainland China will soon be “11” (Chinese Communist Party usurpation day), “I don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble.”

Chen Qiushi said that he will “practice boxing seriously” and promote the sport with all his might.

At the same time, he also tweeted that he plans to organize a charity kumite on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2021.

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Chen Qiuyi also tweeted about some of his experiences, saying that he has experienced a lot in the past year and 8 months, “some I can say ~ some I can’t say ~ I’m sure you understand.”

“At the darkest moment of my life, it was boxing that saved me.” The tweet also said boxing not only gave him a strong body but also freed him from depression.

Mainland citizen journalist Chen Qiushi, formerly a lawyer, went to Hong Kong in 2019 to independently report on the anti-Send-China movement, which was later suspended under pressure from the Chinese Communist Party. Chen was “taken away” and has been missing since February 6, 2020, after reporting on the CCP virus outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The U.S. Human Rights Report 2020, released on March 30, named Chen as being suppressed by the Chinese side.