Favourite Flavours

I often discuss with my friends whether a person’s taste will change. The answer is: yes.

When I was young, I used to like heavy dishes, spicy can also eat, and, in the past, in northern Anhui, especially in rural areas, no matter what dishes are made, onion, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and vinegar are put in together, stir-fried dishes are all rich, warm, so that people feel “delicious “.

Time passed, many years later I went to Shanghai, found that Shanghai people like to eat sweet, I know many people do not like Shanghai food, they think it is too sweet, but I think it is okay. When life is going well, sweetness has a special taste of happiness.

After many more years, I completely turned into a Cantonese taste. People more and more like light, over time, but I feel that for me to grow up eating the northern Anhui cuisine is not used to. In retrospect, I used to think that the hometown dish was delicious, more about its seasoning, for example, braised chicken pieces or celery fried lean meat, and finally, I tasted actually not the taste of chicken pieces and celery lean meat, but the taste of onion, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, coriander and pepper. Because we always like to put these seasonings in the stir-fry there, and the more the better, so much so that the seasoning covers up the original taste of the food, do not know what the original taste is.

It is always necessary to return to the basics after the vicissitudes of the sea.

You have to eat a lot of dishes before you know what you like best. As I once liked Sichuan and Hunan cuisine, the spicy ah, addictive. But, in addition to the addiction, what else? I remember once eating a dish: fried cucumber with shiso. Originally, these two ingredients are great to eat alone, but the dish put a lot of chili peppers, resulting in the flavor of the perilla and cucumber are gone, leaving only the spicy, tongue numb, hot, I sighed and open mouth and tongue moment, completely forget the taste of perilla and cucumber. Slowly, one begins to like the original taste more and more. This is not only the choice of the region, but also the elision of time, after a lot of heavy ink baptism, I began to like the original taste.

Back to the basics is also reflected in the emotions. As when I like the brilliant life, like the flying girls, like talented talented girls, like to love literature, can write, can talk about the romantic girls, and now, I will only like warm homely low-key simple girls, before will like the sultry girls, and now think, those girls are only suitable for lovers, not for a long time.

This change is not only after reading countless people, but also the choice of time, is growing up, finally know what kind of taste is suitable for their own, what kind of feelings are worth cherishing, can never leave, life and death, a lifetime of wind and rain, until hand in hand to see the sunset, this is the taste of love.