South Korea’s defense chief bows in apology for not vaccinating officers and men of the South Korean navy’s “Moonmu Daewang” and for more than 80 percent of confirmed cases

The South Korean Navy’s destroyer Munmu the Great (4,400-ton class) has caused an outbreak of cluster infections, causing an uproar. South Korean Defense Minister Seo Wook admitted to poor care and bowed in apology for this, stressing that he will do his best to support the officers and men who have been diagnosed to receive treatment.

The destroyer, the Moonmoo King, which was on escort duty in the Gulf of Aden, had an outbreak of cluster infection, with as many as 247 of the 301 crew members of the 34th echelon of the “Clear Sea Force” on board diagnosed, with a positive rate of 82.1 percent, and the captain and vice captain of the ship were both diagnosed, and all of them were not vaccinated, triggering criticism from the outside world.

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The Ministry of National Defense will review the existing problems and do its best to help the diagnosed officers and men to receive treatment.

The South Korean Department of Disease Control Director Zheng Yinjing explained yesterday that the vaccine needs to be transported by air and storage difficulties, although there is no difficulty in coordinating with manufacturers to supply military vaccines according to the law, but considering the safety of vaccination and transportation problems, so no vaccine was delivered to the Man Mo Da Wang.

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense spokesman Fu Sheng-Chong also said today through a written briefing that the South Korean government has sent troops on its own in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution, but they are not part of the UN military, so they are not the target of UN military vaccination, and although the troops are resupplying ashore in the nearby waters, the countries in the region are not allowed to administer vaccines to foreign troops.