China retaliation effective? Financial experts exposed Australia’s “unimaginably good results”

China has previously struck at Australia, vigorously boycotting Australian trade, Xie Jinhe, chairman of Caixin Media, today (20) exposed the effectiveness of Facebook, found that Australia’s economic performance in the past year was unexpectedly good, is “unimaginable good results”.

Xie Jinhe said, Australia and China in the past 2 years, Australia and China as a member of the five-eyed alliance against each other, reject Huawei 5G equipment, disputes with China in the South China Sea, criticizing China’s interference in internal affairs, expulsion of Chinese students; China in retaliation, Australia launched a strong countermeasures, sanctions on Australian red wine, beef, lobster and other products, Australia’s other commodities such as coal, cotton and the largest market is also China, at that time Almost all experts believe that the Australian economy is finished.

“However, Australia’s economic performance in the past year is unexpectedly good”, Xie Jinhe said, Australia’s economic growth rate of 3.4% in the third quarter of last year, 3.2% in the fourth quarter, which is the first time in 60 years Australia has more than 3 % growth in two consecutive quarters, this year’s economic growth rate is expected to reach 4.75%, next year also 3.3%. “This is an unimaginably good result”, and coal and iron prices are not falling but rising, facing the Chinese blockade, Australia is also trying to develop new markets.

Xie Jinhe stressed that, according to experience, was thought to be China “a shot to kill” the Australian successful “Jedi rebound”, even Sydney real estate in the first half of this year rose 10.7%, the Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar once to 0.8, the stock market also frequently hit a record high; Xie Jinhe Jinhe Xie believes that for more than 20 years, many countries are afraid to offend China, Australia has now delivered a beautiful report card, these adjustments, looking for new markets and new ways out of the practice, it is worthwhile for Taiwan to learn from.