The lure of a million dollars

The son of a convenience store owner in Southwick, Massachusetts, USA, found a $1 million lottery ticket in a customer’s discarded scratch card. The son of a convenience store owner in Southwick, Massachusetts, found a $1 million lottery ticket in a customer’s discarded scratch card!

After thinking about it all night, the owner’s family decided to find the customer and return the ticket to her, and the family’s honesty and kindness was widely reported in the U.S. media.

It all started with Lea Rose Fiega. Fiega purchased a $30 Mega Millions ticket at a convenience store called Lucky Stop near her workplace in Southwick in March of this year. In an interview with the media after purchasing a $30 Diamond Millions scratch card at a convenience store near her workplace in Southwick, she said. I was in a hurry, on my lunch break, and I quickly scratched the numbers, and it didn’t look like I won, so I gave the scratch card to the store and threw it away. “

The scratch card that Feijah threw away was thrown in a bin behind the counter by the shopkeeper. Abhi Shah, son of shopkeeper Maunish Shah, was going through the garbage can when he found one of the tickets that Feijah had thrown away without fully scratching out the numbers, and he scratched the numbers out and found that the ticket had actually won the million-dollar jackpot.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Shah said, “We had mixed emotions, we didn’t sleep for two nights, and I didn’t know what was going on. But my heart told me, ‘That’s not right. You know who that person is. You should give them back that lottery ticket.’ And that’s exactly what I did. “

After Shah found the winning lottery scratch card, he and his parents realized the ticket had been purchased by Figa, who was a regular customer of theirs. Figa works for a nearby insurance company, and since the Shah family bought the convenience store five years ago, she has been coming in several times a week during lunch to buy lottery tickets and give the ones she didn’t win to the store to help throw away.

The Shah family was faced with two choices with the million-dollar ticket: either claim the prize themselves or return the ticket to Figa. They called their family, who lived in India, for advice, and Shah’s grandmother told them that they should return the ticket to the customer and that it was the only right thing to do. The Shah’s family then decided to return the ticket to Fega.

Soon Shah went to see Fega at her place of work, and Fega recalls, “He came to my office and said ‘My mom and dad want to see you. ‘ I said ‘I’m at work,’ and he said ‘No, you have to come with me.’ So I went there.

I couldn’t believe it at all when they told me, I burst into tears and I hugged them. Figa told reporters that she won the lottery in January when she got the New Coronavirus, and it was like “winning the lottery” and finally beating the disease, so this time she felt even more lucky. She said the Shah family are wonderful people and she is very lucky.

The Shah family’s convenience store is entitled to $10,000 from the state lottery commission for selling the winning ticket, and Figa said she gave the Shah family some cash to express her gratitude and said she would save the rest for her future retirement.