Beidaihe quiet, Zhongnanhai replaces security chief

As summer approaches, Beidaihe is apparently quiet, with no news yet of China’s rulers and patriarchs “retreating” at the traditional resort of the Communist Party’s central government. But there are two notable developments, one is the change of head of the Zhongnanhai Security Bureau, Xi Jinping broke with the usual practice of using an outside candidate to control the Central Security Bureau system, and the other is the “2021 China Internet Integrity Conference” has made a list of the top 10 rumors related to Party history, which is surprising!

The Chinese Communist Party celebrated its centennial, celebrated, Jiang Zemin is nowhere to be seen, old, Hu Jintao, gray-haired, Wen Jiabao, hiding in a corner of the Tiananmen Square. The party celebrated the silver spent like water, the scale and spectacle is no less than the large celebration of North Korea, the world only remember Xi Jinping said a few words, who dares to bully us, let his head bleed.

The victory that should be announced has already been announced, the victory against the epidemic, although the WHO Secretary General Tan Desai recently said that experts have to go to China to trace the source of the new coronavirus; victory against poverty, although Li Keqiang said that there are 600 million people per capita income of no more than 1,000 yuan per month; as for the Winter Olympics, the British Parliament has just passed the boycott case, the West called for a boycott of the voices, wait until tomorrow spring and then announce the Winter Olympics It is not too late to announce the victory of the Winter Olympics.

Xi Jinping is waiting for the 20th National Congress to be embraced by the Party Central Committee once again? But there are some signs that Xi Jinping is not quite sure, he took great pains to organize the centennial party celebration in order to oppose the nihilism of party history, Xi Jinping has repeatedly said that there is an undercurrent of denying the historical greatness of the party, trying to deny his party’s current greatness by denying the historical greatness of the party. The party celebration alone is not enough, the new revised version of the party history for the party celebration is also not enough, on July 15, the Central Internet Information Office of the Communist Party of China again held in Changsha, Hunan Province, “2021 China Network Integrity Conference”, the plenary issued a “top ten list of disinformation related to party history”, the purpose is to The purpose is to comply with Xi Jinping’s instruction to “oppose historical nihilism” and “fire the first shot at smearing, disinformation and slandering the history of the Party”.

The list is concise and can be copied as follows.

1, “Qinyuanchun – Snow” author is Hu Qiaomu? Rumor!
2, the Chinese Communist Party unsealed “Deng Yingchao’s diary” for party history research? Rumor!

  1. Two of the five warriors in Wolf Tooth Mountain were “slippery cliffs”? Rumor!
  2. Mao Shanying died because he exposed the target by making fried rice? Rumor!
    5, Lei Feng’s deeds are false? Rumor!
    6, the Red Army Long March did not “25,000 miles”? Rumor!
    7, “Flying over Luding Bridge” battle does not exist? Rumor!
    8, the Communist resistance “tour but not attack”, not “the mainstay”? Rumor!
  3. Zhou Pai Pi and Huang Shiren are good landlords and the land reform is wrong? Rumor!
    10, the United States did not intend to attack China, the resistance to the United States is not to defend the country? Rumor!

But look at the response of the network, the top ten rumors inside at least eight many people doubt uncertainty. In 2003, two British researchers spent 384 days retracing the route of the Long March, estimating that the actual distance of the Long March was about 6,000 kilometers (12,000 miles); the “Flying Lu Ding Bridge” story, on the contrary, is a more realistic one. Deng Xiaoping, who met with U.S. National Security Adviser Brzezinski that year, said, “It was a very simple military operation, no big deal …… but we felt we had to dramatize it.” Regarding the death of Mao Zedong’s eldest son, Mao Shanying, according to Wang Tiancheng, who was formerly a U.S. intelligence staff officer in charge of the volunteer headquarters and later a researcher in military history at the Military History Research Department of the Academy of Military Sciences, recalled in 2004 that Mao’s eldest son, Mao Shanying, was killed by a U.S. aircraft while warming a meal around a fire in Peng Dehuai’s combat office. How far is the distance between “scrambled eggs” and “hot rice”? As for the Communist Party not being the “mainstay” of the resistance to Japan, this is generally acknowledged by historians because it was the National Army that was fighting in the frontal battlefield. The story of Zhou Baipi and Huang Shiren implies the bloody history of the Chinese Communist Party’s launching of the land reform and killing millions of China’s rural elite – the landlords, who were made into bullies by the Chinese Communist Party to open the way for the land reform.

The promulgation of the top 10 rumors involving Party history in such a grand manner has stirred up a lot of controversy again, with some netizens saying, “There is no silver in this place, and it is widely publicized as two hundred and fifty.

Why Xi Jinping transferred from the field army into the big bodyguard

Another more significant development is Xi Jinping’s change of Zhongnanhai’s security chief. Some observers have noted that instead of following the CCP tradition of selecting from the Central Security Bureau cadres who are familiar with Zhongnanhai’s police, Xi Jinping has transferred a chief from the field army. This was a surprise even to the pro-Beijing Dovetail website: it said that top CCP leader Xi Jinping suddenly broke with convention and “drafted ‘foreign ministers’ into the central government instead of promoting them from within, which has drawn people’s imagination”. The company’s main goal is to avoid the influence of high-level conflicts and struggles in Zhongnanhai for a long time. This statement does point out that the internal strife in the CCP has not subsided, and Xi Jinping has the intention to ensure that the political situation is “stable and safe” before the 20th Congress of the CCP. How important is the Central Security Bureau? The Dovetail report makes it clear that the Central Security Bureau played an important role in ending the Cultural Revolution and arresting the Gang of Four. To put it bluntly, the Central Security Bureau arrested Mao’s widow Jiang Qing and four others, known as the “Gang of Four”. The Central Security Bureau played a heavy role in the party coup. There is a question of who is using it, and Xi Jinping cannot help but worry.

Experts point out that in the history of the Communist Party, the head of the Central Security Bureau has always been the most trusted head of internal security for the top leaders, and has been promoted from within. The main reason why Xi Jinping broke with his usual practice and used an outside candidate to take control of the Central Security Bureau system is that many key cadres in the Central Security Bureau system, who are involved in the power struggle at the top of the Communist Party, are concerned about Xi Jinping’s “personal loyalty” to him, according to an analysis by U.S.-based scholar Chen Xiaonong in his article “The Changing of the Horses in the CCP Security Bureau. The “personal loyalty” makes him suspicious, and on the eve of the 20th Communist Party Congress, “there is a not-so-weak force at the top to end Xi Jinping’s rule”, Xi Jinping transferred outsiders to take control, which is conducive to monitoring the top.

It is not easy to lead the party-state, the power is already so great, so many people have been arrested, outside the party, inside the party, high officials, low officials, and from time to time to defend the rights of lawyers, but there are still some people who want to vaporize the history of the party, want to vaporize the greatness of the party-state, recently a French scholar even wrote an article in Le Monde newspaper to mock Xi Jinping mistook himself as a prophet, everything else is heresy.

Everything seems to be unable to stop the will of Xi Jinping’s self-succession, Xi Jinping to achieve his own hundred-year Chinese dream, before this, Xi Jinping needs to repeat the four self-confidence over and over again, to people embrace the two cores, so that everyone tightly united around him without change of heart, the Tianjin Municipal Party Secretary has long spoken for Xi Jinping’s heart: loyalty is not absolute, is absolutely not loyal.

Many observers pointed out that in Xi Jinping power on the surface of the peak today, he is most worried about the fact that loyalty is not absolute, he constantly emphasizes self-confidence, emphasizing the two cores, why? It turns out that the power of the top of the sky, the most worried or “loyalty is not absolute”? Li Hongzhong, secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Committee, may have inadvertently leaked the sky.