After graduating from a prestigious school, I went to the assembly line

Cigarette factory “roll” to what extent? The graduates of Renmin University of China, Wuhan University, Zhengzhou University have been on the assembly line to play packaging.

Recently, the “Public Notice of the Proposed Recruiting of Students for the Year 2021 of Henan China Tobacco Industry Co. According to the official website of China Tobacco Industry Company of Henan (hereinafter referred to as “China Tobacco Henan”), the Announcement was released at the end of April this year and has recently aroused attention on the Internet.

The focus of the netizens’ attention is the strong contrast between the graduation schools of the proposed employees and the “front-line production and operation positions” in the list of “Announcement”. Among them, to be employed by the graduation school, there are People’s University of China, Wuhan University, Zhengzhou University, Hehai University and other 985, 211 schools, master’s degree is also a lot of.

The company’s human resources department said to reporters on July 12, “We require a bachelor’s degree or higher to recruit employees, and it’s normal to have graduates from prestigious schools or graduate students. It is normal to have graduates from prestigious universities or graduate students. “

When the reporter asked whether the job of “front-line production and operation positions” required people with bachelor’s degree or above to do, the person in charge refused to respond. Luohe cigarette factory staff told reporters: “Now all the companies, positions, job content are there, the students of prestigious schools are willing to come, is their own choice. “


Over 30% of workers admitted to the flow line are graduate students

According to the official website of Henan China Tobacco, the company has 7 cigarette factories under the jurisdiction of the Golden Leaf Production and Manufacturing Center, Xuchang, Anyang, Nanyang, Zhumadian, Luohe, Luoyang, etc. The main industry has more than 8700 workers on duty, with an annual production and sales of more than 3 million cases of cigarettes, ranking 4th in the national tobacco industry, with total assets of nearly 40 billion yuan. Official website shows that in 2020 is expected to achieve sales revenue of 51 billion yuan, total taxes and profits of 35.7 billion yuan.

Reporters according to the “public announcement” statistics, 2021 Henan China Tobacco proposed to hire a total of 149 people. Among them, 14 people were hired for professional management positions, technical R&D positions and marketing positions, all with master’s degree, and nearly half of them came from foreign universities, such as University of Glasgow, UK, University of Sydney, Australia, University of Nottingham, UK and Durham University, UK.

The remaining 135 people are to be hired by the seven cigarette factories under the jurisdiction of Henan Cigarette “first-line production and operation positions”.

According to a staff member of Luohe Cigarette Factory, the first-line production operations of cigarette factories mainly include “silk” and “packet”. The two contents of the “package” are done by operators, “because many of our factories have passed the ISO9000 certification, so the quality control is very strict, so the quality requirements of operators is still relatively high.

The reporter found that, among the 135 people to be hired, there are 41 people with master’s degree, accounting for about 30.37%. The relevant personnel revealed that the first-line production and operation positions once hired, shall work in the workshop first-line production and operation positions for more than 3 years, less than 3 years, shall not be transferred to management positions.

For front-line operators, Henan Cigarette is not the only educational requirements, but also the requirements for the major studied.

In addition to mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation and electrical engineering and its automation, seven cigarette factories also require front-line general workers to be majoring in finance, accounting, radio and television choreography, Marxist theory, Chinese language and literature, international economics and trade, urban and rural planning, etc.

The phenomenon of high education of front-line production operation post workers is not only found in Henan Cigarette. 2021, the recruitment of Jiangsu Cigarette, Hubei Cigarette, Yunnan Cigarette, Anhui Cigarette, and Chongqing Cigarette requires operation tools to have bachelor’s degree or above.

Miss Meng, a front-line production operator in a second-tier city cigarette factory, told reporters that she graduated from graduate school, but her education is not considered top in the factory, “We also have students graduated from Communication University of China, South China University of Technology, East China Normal University, East China University of Science and Technology, and many double-class We also have students graduated from Communication University of China, South China University of Technology, East China Normal University, East China University of Science and Technology, and a lot of double-class graduate students, all come to be workers.


Three shifts on the flow line

In 2020, Ms. Meng, a graduate student, went through three rounds of assessment and screening to work in a cigarette factory in a second-tier city.

“When I came in, I started as a front-line worker. We usually do the work of making tobacco leaves into the kind of cigarettes that can be sold outside. “Miss Meng said.

According to Miss Meng, each workshop in her cigarette factory has different working hours. The better workshop is two shifts, the morning shift is 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; the evening shift is 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., usually without overtime. The worse workshop needs three shifts, and the working time is also 8 hours.

“Our working hours are very strict, because the factory is an assembly line operation, so there is almost no rest time except for meals and toilets, and the time for meals cannot exceed 40 minutes. Unlike office workers, 12:00 noon to 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. is a break. “Miss Meng said.

Mr. Lin, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree, entered a cigarette factory in a third-tier city through social recruitment, “when nearly 3,000 people submitted resumes, and only 100 people were finally hired. Like the Cigarette Industrial place, is the need for employees with grassroots work experience, so whether it is a management post or technical post, the starting point is the production line of the cigarette factory.

Miss Meng has been working in the production line for more than a year, still not transferred to another position, which is longer than she expected, anxiety began to pervade. “Although the work of the front line is valuable, but also very boring, I do not want to stay in the front line. “At present, Miss Meng is keeping an eye on the company’s talent development and other programs, hoping that by doing more work to give themselves extra points for an early change of job.

“Cigarette factory grass-roots assembly line work, it may seem more labor-intensive, but it is not meaningless, at the very least, you can accumulate experience. “Mr. Lin looks at it more openly,” the cigarette factory is like a talent pool for Cigarettes, when there are job vacancies in the sections above, they will issue internal recruitment notices, and grassroots employees can apply for the job and enter the section.”

Mr. Lin said that the salary level is different for different positions: “But the newcomers have an annual salary of 150,000 yuan before tax, and there are also benefits such as two meals per day. “

Luohe cigarette factory staff said: “the general welfare benefits, it is not convenient to disclose, now all walks of life are very hard. “