How difficult it is to find a boyfriend who is 1m 7m tall and earns 200,000 a year

“Male, born in 1982, 6’2″, annual salary 250,000 ……”

In Shanghai’s largest “talent market”, the People’s Square dating corner, such conditions are not outstanding, and even by the female parents who come to match on behalf of their daughter disliked.

“It’s almost 40 years old to earn that much. “

“Are you from Shanghai? New Shanghainese? Then forget it. “

“Two houses one of which has a mortgage? My daughter is not going to pay the mortgage with you. “

“My daughter is a career unit, you are in the private sector, right, tsk ……”

This is not a Mary Sue novel dogma plot, but a real case that happened in the People’s Park matchmaking corner.

A female friend of mine, in a second-tier city, the dating market is not so serious, but she has repeatedly hit the wall, dating for two years to see a lot of boys, either they can not see them, or to meet their own standards do not see themselves.

Talking about two years of dating experience, she was also very depressed: “My requirements are not high ah, I’m six feet five, has lowered the standard of height to one meter seven, in addition to my annual income of more than 100,000, want to find an annual income of 200,000, and do not require assets such as houses and cars, how can not find The first thing you need to do is to find a boyfriend. “

Although I can’t bear to argue with her, but the reality of the case and the big data clearly speaks the truth.

In China, if a woman wants to find a man of her age, she can “lower” the criteria to 200,000 yuan of annual income and 170 centimeters of height, and she is already almost “one in a hundred”. The level of “one in a hundred”.


The standard is really not low at 1.7 meters tall

The first two standards “high ” and “rich” are almost all “standard”, “handsome “Not well defined, this article does not discuss.

Let’s start with “high”.

According to the understanding of some girls online, one meter seven below the second level of disability, one meter seventy-five just to the passing line, boys more than one meter eight is considered to touch the “high” side, one meter eighty-five Only then is considered to have fully reached the “high” standard.

How did this standard come about?

Because “online little brothers are all 5’8”, have abs, and look handsome.

As long as you open the phone in the social software, each right slide of the boys are long legs, abs, talent and wealth coexist, face value is also said to be explosive.

Is it possible that the rich and handsome people only exist on the Internet?

Today’s online social networking software, the ratio of men to women is not well coordinated, the male to female ingratiation has been to the point of flattery, not only to speak well, the photo is also P is P – it is such a social “inside volume “, so many men who speak out online are “careful what they say and do The “in-volume” social networking has led to the loss of voice of many men who are not good enough on the Internet.

I don’t believe you look at the reality, how many high value boys are there above one meter seven?

Here is a data, slightly cruel but true.

At the end of 2020, the State New Office released the “Report on Nutrition and Chronic Diseases in China (2020)”, which shows that the average height of Chinese men aged 18-44 is 169.7 cm.

Why does the standard of “height” differ so much in reality and on the Internet?

Let’s learn a theory: Survivorship bias.

Survivorship bias refers to the fact that when information is obtained only from “survivor”, this information may be biased from the reality.

Going back to the Internet world, surfing boys are more likely to post information about their height than boys who are only 5’8″ tall, creating the illusion that all boys on the Internet are taller than 5’8″. This creates the illusion that all boys online are over 5’8″.

And in reality, the probability of meeting a boy over 5’7″ in China is only about 50%.


earning 200,000 a year.

More “hardcore” than 1 meter 7 meters tall

By the same token, people who don’t earn a lot of money probably won’t show their pay stubs online. So there are more people who “show off their wealth”, but few people will go The fact is that there are many people who “show off their wealth”, but very few people are going to “show off their poverty”.

The fact will not be transferred by the will of people – according to the industry salary report big data service provider salary network data show that by June 2021, excluding the basic post of the average wage across the country is 6848 yuan, the annual salary is just a little more than 82,000.

An annual salary of 200,000 would require a monthly salary of 16,700 yuan, which is more than twice the average salary in China.

Again, according to, the monthly salary of 10,000 blocks has reached 90% of the quartile.

In other words, only 10% of the country’s people earn more than 10,000 yuan a month.


It’s not just women’s high vision

Is it wrong for women to have their own personal “mate selection criteria”?

First look at women’s requirements for men’s “ability to attract money”, it seems not so excessive.

“Men make more money, women balance career and family” The two widely circulated perceptions of the public, “men earn more and women earn less,” have been the cause and effect of each other, and it is impossible to tell whether the high demands of society on men have led to this, or whether men’s own choice of employment and the gender of the employing unit It is impossible to distinguish whether it is the high demands of society on men that have led to the current situation, or whether it is men’s own career choices and the gender-specific treatment of employers that have led to this result.

Nowadays, men tend to choose to favor programmers, salesmen and other career direction with high work intensity and high salary returns, while women prefer human resources, finance and other less intensive, medium or low salary balanced positions.

Plus the increasingly high cost of living, the need to take into account the family and career of women looking for a man who can make more money together, is a pretty normal choice.

Then look at the issue of height.

Since ancient times, height is one of the standards of “declining beauty”, from Zou Ji to Guan Yu, most of the beautiful men are in great shape, the contrast between the two brothers of the Wu family is not tall enough The people are dwarfed, think about it, women want a husband who is one meter tall is not wrong.

Just, the objective data is there.

Consider the age-appropriate ……

It can only be said that a man who is one meter seven and earns 200,000 a year has almost reached the scarcity level of one in a hundred.

However, from an essential point of view, the “leftover women problem” may never be a problem, freedom of marriage, no one needs to sell anxiety.

Women have the right to demand a man’s height and annual income, and men have the right to make their own choices.

Marriage is just a matter of personal freedom.

Perhaps in the end, the girls who have harsh standards for men will also have new standards.

I want to find a good young man who is down-to-earth, dependable, progressive, filial and responsible.