“Help me!” Haiti’s president frantically waiting for 10 minutes to save the last call before he was killed exposed

Haitian President Moise (Jovenel Moise) was assassinated on the 7th of this month, foreign media reported that Moise had called for police support before he was killed, and shouted anxiously during the call that “they are shooting next to the house” and “send more people quickly! ” But after waiting for 10 minutes for help to arrive, he called the police officer again and shouted, “Hurry up! Come and help me!” But before the call was over, he was shot, and he died in his house.

According to the Miami Herald, Moyes called the chief of the Haitian National Police at 1:34 a.m. on the day he was killed, saying “They’re shooting at the house” and “Send more men! According to a resident of the same district, at 1:30 that night, gunshots began to ring out incessantly, scaring him into hiding under his bed.

After 10 minutes, when the NCPD police did not show any signs of arriving, Moishe again called a NCPD officer, who then shouted anxiously, “I need your help now! My life is in danger, hurry! Come and help me!”

The newspaper reported that before the call was disconnected, Moishe went silent, the scene was silent, followed by a burst of rifle shots, the officer who answered the phone was shouting for his colleagues to immediately get into the car to support, but it was too late.