More than 50 Democratic lawmakers in Texas chartered a plane to boycott the bill 5 people were diagnosed

More than 50 Democratic state legislators in Texas, in order to boycott the Republican Party’s proposed bill, 12 chartered a plane to Washington to meet with Vice President He Jinli, but the crowd on board did not wear masks, and five people have been diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19).

According to the Associated Press, the Democratic state legislators left Texas en masse just to make the number of Republican bill votes fail to meet the legal requirements. Officials revealed that all Democratic delegation members on board were vaccinated at the time, but five people were still infected by the breakthrough.

The latest confirmed infected Texas Congressman from San Antonio, Trey Martinez Fischer, announced on the 18th that his screening test was positive and he is currently in quarantine, but he is thankful that he only has mild symptoms.

In addition, the Texas Democratic lawmakers did not wear masks on board and came under fire from Republicans, but this did not in fact violate any rules, as there is no federal requirement to wear masks on private charter flights.

As the Democratic lawmakers had met with He Jinli, her situation also attracted considerable attention. A spokesman for He said that the vice president had not had close contact with the diagnosed person, and that she had been vaccinated and was not yet at risk of infection.