British House of Commons passes motion calling on government to conduct diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

The British House of Commons on Thursday passed a motion without dissent calling on the British government to launch a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing unless the Chinese government ends the “atrocities” committed in Xinjiang.

The motion states that there are credible allegations of mass atrocities taking place in Xinjiang and that the British government and its representatives should refuse to be invited to the Beijing Winter Olympics. The motion also cites sanctions imposed by the Chinese government on a number of British citizens who have previously spoken out on behalf of Uighur human rights, including the motion’s sponsor, Conservative MP Tim Loughton, and four other members of the Inter-Parliamentary Policy Alliance on China (IPAC).

Last month, the coalition led ten national parliaments in a joint boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The IPAC boycott included calls for the IOC to urgently find alternative venues for the event, to include human rights issues on the Beijing Winter Olympics agenda, and to urge the United Nations to investigate atrocities against Uighurs and Tibetans, among other actions.