EU updates entry to green countries, opening to China still presupposes that China must reciprocally open to the EU

On Thursday, July 15, the EU member states reached a consensus on updating the list of green countries for entry during the new crown outbreak.

According to the announcement, the EU has added Ukraine to the list of green countries, while removing Rwanda and Thailand. There are now more than 20 countries and regions on the green list. Green, does not mean that 100% do not need to do the test. Residents of these countries and regions who wish to enter a particular EU country still need to check the relevant regulations of the destination country in detail, and may need to submit a test report, or quarantine. Parallel to the green list, there are also EU regulations introduced in May this year: non-EU residents can also enter the country if they can show proof of vaccination, provided that the vaccine is recognized by the European Medicines Agency.

Due to the new crown pandemic, the EU closed its external borders from March 2020, leaving only a very specific few exceptions to allow entry. Over the year, the restricted list has been continuously updated with the epidemic situation in each country, on the basis of the epidemic situation, vaccination status, number of tests, reliability of data, etc. The current non-EU member countries on the Green List are: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Canada, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro, New Zealand, Qatar, Moldova, North Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and the United States, with the special case of China, where the EU continues to request reciprocal permission from China to EU residents as a precondition for opening up to China.