If you feel that life is not easy, you are advised to read Bai Juyi

My name is Bai Juyi, and I am a “Beijing drifter” (drifting in Chang’an, Kyoto).

I rented a house for 20 years before I bought my first apartment at the age of 50.

My idol, Du Fu, had no fixed place to live, and when it rained and blew away the roof of his thatched house, he cried every day: “God, how can we buy millions of big houses to shelter us poor scholars? “

My friend, Liu Yuxi, a straight man, often worn small shoes, forced to move three times in six months, and finally moved to the old broken small. But this buddy has a good heart, said cheerfully: “Because I have good ideological character, so that this house does not look at all simple. “

I fan, Su Dongpo, on his character, the money to do public service, save money. Later, a depreciation and depreciation, wages fell again and again, want to buy when it is too late, the son got married, or borrow someone else’s house as a wedding house.

From ancient times to the present, the price of housing has spared no one, it is like a kite’s string, pulling the “Beijing drifters” in and out.

There is never a shortage of stories and people in Chang’an.

But if you don’t know what kind of person you want to be, you will eventually go with the flow and become one of the thousands of laborious lives, consuming your life in prosperity and vulgarity.

So this time, we will not talk about Tang poetry, but only about my ups and downs on the road of Beijing drifting.

Former Beijing drifting era

A man can have no money, but not no talent

In 762, Li Bai left.

In 770, Du Fu left.

The house of Tang poetry was missing its top pillar.

At that time, I knew that it was time for me to come.

By then, nine years after the An Shi Rebellion, the Tang Dynasty was no longer in full bloom. I knew that I wanted to save the Tang from decay and write the truth of the world.

At the age of 16, I took a few poems and went to Chang’an to visit the great literary figure Gu Gu. He was so famous at that time that he was not usually seen by the younger generation. At first, when he saw me, he looked disdainful and teased me about my name “Juyi”.

“Little brother, the price of goods in the capital is very expensive, it is not easy to live down ah. ” “Yes, yes, yes, you are right. “

I was respectful on the surface, but in my heart I was thinking: “Chang’an is your home? I’ve come to eat your rice? “

Gu Lang said while casually flipping through the poems I wrote, until he turned to the song “Fude ancient grassland to send off”.

The grass on the plain, one year after another withers and grows

The wildfire can’t be finished, the spring breeze grows again

He was amazed and said, “Brother, great talent, you can buy a house in the first ring without any problem. “

Reality slapped him in the face, he only guessed the beginning, not the end. I am a great talent, but not to buy a house in the first ring.

Gu况 is a big V. After his praise, my poems are also little famous in Chang’an, not I blow, my poems can be spent as money.

Because in the Tang Dynasty, there is nothing that a poem can’t solve, if not, then two.

One summer, it was very hot in Chang’an. I went out to buy ice with a basket on my shoulder, and when I came to the ice cellar, I shouted, “Boss, give me a piece of ice. “

The boss didn’t even look up: “All the ice was reserved by the big shots at a high price, so there was none left. “

I sighed and turned around to leave when I suddenly heard, “Oh, so it’s Bai Juyi who wrote about the grass on the plain. White Prince, there is ice, there is ice, use up and come back to get yo, no money. “

In a short time, my basket was filled with ice.

That was the first time I came to Chang’an, all alone, with poetic talent and dreams, daring to break into this complex world.

Highlight of the Beijing drift]

Living in a rented house, dreaming big dreams

When I was 29 years old, I came to Chang’an once again to work as a school book editor, a small editor in the system.

As a “Beijing drifter”, I started a long career of renting an apartment.

The first apartment I rented was in the Changlefang district in the third ring east corner. Although the rent was very expensive, it was close to my workplace and I would not be late. In the Tang Dynasty, late for work, not to mention the deduction of wages, but also to be boarded, serious even to jail.

As a workplace white, I worked diligently and worked overtime. At that time, the officialdom had not yet revealed its cruel side to me.

Three years later, because I did a good job, I could pass the exam for promotion. I moved to Huayangguan, Yongchongfang, where it was quiet and suitable for revision.

The house was rented and life was hard, but I couldn’t forget the dream: I was the man who wanted to save Tang poetry.

Sometimes I love to travel around and wander, and to my surprise, I came up with the poem I am most proud of in my life: “The Song of the Long Hatred”.

One time, I went to Xiangyou Temple with Wang Qifu and heard that 50 years ago, Emperor Tang Ming and Yang Guifei passed by here when they were fleeing.

Wang Qifu said: “Old Bai, such a love story, if it disappears is really a pity, you need to find a genius to write, you Bai Juyi, amorous and talented to flirt with girls, how about, try? “

Li Bai has a line “clouds want clothes and flowers want to look, the spring breeze brushes the threshold of dew,” a good poem, I am convinced in capital letters. But, I want to surpass Li Bai!

After I started writing, I first mocked the emperor’s lustfulness and wasted work, “The spring night is short and the day is high, from then on the king does not have an early morning”, but slowly, my heart was suddenly struck.

In the sky, I would like to be a bird of prey, on earth, I would like to be a couple of branches

The sky is long, the earth is long, and there is no end to this hatred.

After writing this line, “The Song of Long Hatred” is not only about their story.

It is about the true love in the world, the indelible memories in everyone’s heart.

But true love did not favor me as an old single dog, at the age of 37, the mother was bitterly forced, I was matched, was married, the daughter-in-law is a colleague’s sister.

It is often said that people who drift in Beijing have the luxury of talking about love. The only thing I can’t do is to find a date.

I was so famous for “The Long Hate Song” that I finally moved into the Zhaoguo Place in the city center.

Soon after that, I was promoted to the position of the left picker (Du Fu was also a picker), a position where I could openly pick on my boss, and I was so confident that I vowed to change the world with one mouth and one pen.

From then on, I ushered in the highlight of my career as a Beijing drifter, and the officialdom, at this point, ripped off its amiable mask.

Beijing drifting thrilling moment]

Either lonely or vulgar

The eunuchs in the Tang Dynasty are so serious that even the bosses are afraid of them. It made everyone feel self-conscious, everyone flattered and flattered, no one dared to speak the truth.

In one war, the boss let the eunuchs lead the troops instead of using famous generals. I repeatedly reported, he did not listen, and secretly told people: “this kid Bai Juyi, I am the one who gave him food, he actually dislike me like this, do not give me face! “

In the end, the eunuchs caused the army to be scattered, fought for ten months and lost for ten months.

Daring to speak out has its price, and finally, at the age of 44, I paid it.

In the early morning of June 3, 815, I went to work early and found on the road, a man’s body separated, and when I looked closer, it was actually the iron-blooded chancellor Wu Yuanheng.

I came to the court trembling, the large palace, silent. Everyone knows that the mastermind behind the scenes is Li Shidao, because Wu Yuanheng cut the clan touched his interests, the crowd to protect themselves, no one speaks out.

At that time, I am no longer the left collector, can not advise.

But I would rather be buried in the belly of the fish, with the birds and animals, rather than work with these cowering people.

I was the first to stand up and present the report “Shock! A man died on the street in Chang’an and was actually the second-in-command of the empire,” and said with righteous indignation, “Your Majesty, it is a national shame that the chancellor was killed on the street, and I beg you to investigate the murderer strictly at once and seek justice. “

The hall seemed to explode, everyone said, “This Bai Juyi overstepped his duties,” “Mind your own business”, “just a small official is still here fooling around “.

To add to the crime, what is the problem, I was posed with some confusing charges, relegated to Jiujiang as the Secretary, an empty post.

Later, Lu Xun his family said: “In the era of everyone speaks falsehoods speak the truth; in the era of numbness of everyone has a full mind. “

True confidant also, either lonely, or vulgar. After all, it is impossible to fit in with the group, it is impossible to fit in with the group in this life.

My Beijing drifting road starts from being myself and ends by being myself.

Warm moments in Beijing

The same people fallen at the end of the world, why should we meet each other before?

I returned to the third line from the first line, and at once I let myself go and sang night and day.

One night, I came to Jiangkou to see off a friend and heard someone playing the pipa, the sound of which was sad. After inquiring, it turned out to be a singer from Chang’an, and after talking, she talked about her youthful fame, the rich second generation was pursuing her first, and now her beauty is aging, drifting and sinking.

It was sad enough to listen to the sound of the piano, but now this encounter moved my heart even more.

After being deprecated, I settled for mediocrity, hindsight, and only now suddenly had a feeling of broken ideals.

I said, “Girl, why don’t you play one more song, and I’ll write you a song called “Pipa Xing”. “

The great poet Bai wrote a poem for her, and she was moved to play it again, with a bit of cheerfulness in the piano.

But even so, everyone in the audience cried, and if anyone cried the most, it was probably me, the Secretary of Jiangzhou.

“The same end of the world, why should we meet each other! “

We originally did not know each other, there is a common tacit understanding of life is enough, the same drifting people, and why do we need to know each other?

In this road of life, no one can go on alone.

One day, I was listening to the courtesan singing “Pipa Xing” while drinking wine in a leisurely manner, and my friends teased me.

“Old Bai, the first half of your life, really with the strength to prove what is called Juyi ah; but now this spend days and days of drinking, very happy days ah. “”Yes, yes, yes, the first half of life Juyi, the second half of life happy. “”That’s what they say, they are called the old white, up to both the world, poor is good alone. ” “Brothers enough ah, I am not poor, come on, come on, cheers. “

It seems that the “Juyi” and “Le Tian ” is a lot of people to fight to live the life.

After all, life is easy except for getting fat, nothing is easy.

Who is not topping the pressure of life, day and night to carry the weight.

But as long as there is still a heroic dream, still insist on being yourself.

It will never be like a tamed beast, submissive and numb.