Tighten up

She said: Be tense.

When you are happy, be tense. If you don’t tense up, you are afraid that people will say you are pleased, that you are frivolous, that you are showing off. And even more frightening – your joy is likely to upset others. Therefore, restraint, control, or moderation must be exercised. It must be.

Happiness is a fragrance. When the cork is not tightened, the fragrance slips away. Open the mouth wide and it slips away faster. If you open the mouth small, it slips away more slowly. As long as you open the mouth, even if it is small, the fragrance will diminish. Therefore, keep it taut and do your best to keep it sealed.

When it is unfortunate, you should also keep it taut. What is the use of saying it to others? Who will really pity you? Feel for you? Pity you? Who will be truly at peace with you? Under the superficial and shallow comfort, how can you be sure that he is not rejoicing in his own happiness in contrast with your misfortune? That is, the so-called gloating?

Misfortune is a secret. As soon as it is told, it will spread and everyone will know about it, thus expanding the misfortune. Therefore, keep it taut, do not divulge it, do not confide in it, and do not tell anyone about it.

What about ordinary days? Do not be happy, do not be sad, between fortune and misfortune, and even more, be tense. Because there is nothing to say. An ordinary day is to hold on.

The essence of straining, is to persevere.

Born as a human being, life in the world, as long as it is not crazy and stupid, all need to tense. Some taut gong stronger, some taut gong weaker. In contrast, it seems that there are more people who are weak. Who wants to always press themselves or end of themselves? Who does not want to be fast and furious, sexually riveting? So, there will always be a moment in the public, the original shape.

It is true that not all people can be tensed and can be tensed well.

Tension good people, is always a calm look of autumn water. -Yes, it is autumn water. Not spring water. Spring water is warm. “Spring river water is warm duck prophet. “And the autumn water, it is not warm, and it is not cool. It is almost emotionless water.

People who are strong in tense gong are like this, their expressions have no temperature. Always happy and angry. Undoubtedly, this requires a strong set of nerves and an extremely resilient mind.

I asked: when do you usually can not be tense?

She replied: when she was alone.

I asked: what is it like when you can’t stand it?

She answered: laughing in the mirror, covering her face and crying.

I asked: So, did you tense up today?

She laughed: she wanted to, but she couldn’t.

I also laughed. What a great answer. Rather than explaining her situation, it was a charming tribute to our friendship. –The person who can make your tension weaken, the person who can make you relax relatively, should be a kind person who is worthy of your trust and reliance.

But in the same frequency of our smiles, I clearly see the boundless loneliness in this vast human world ……