Study exposes “AZ protection for life” after vaccination as a “killer training camp”

The country is currently open to vaccination against AZ and Modena Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19), and recently there has been a gradual increase in the number of people switching to AZ vaccination. Scientists have found that the AZ vaccine may have lifelong protection because, in addition to producing antibodies to the virus, the vaccine creates a “training camp” in the body that searches for and destroys cytotoxic T cells and can even kill invading variants of the virus.

According to the Sun, a team of scientists from the University of Oxford and the Cantonal Hospital of St. Louis in Switzerland recently published a paper in the journal Nature pointing out that the human body will be stimulated to produce antibodies against the martial lung virus, in addition to the adenovirus in the vaccine will also be transformed into fibroblast reticulocytes (FRC), thus forming a The vaccine will also transform the adenovirus into fibroblast reticulocytes (FRC), thus forming a “killer training camp” to train cytotocic T cells to kill future invasive variants of the virus.

The newspaper reported that this represents the AZ vaccination, even if the original antibodies disappear, but the body can still continue to manufacture antibodies, and the protection may be up to a lifetime. The Swiss researcher Ludewig (Burkhard Ludewig) said that these T cells from the “killer training camp” seem to have a very high adaptive capacity to co-evolve with humans in the long run.

Recently, Hualien County Health Director Zhu Jiaxiang described the side effects of the AZ vaccine on Facebook as “eating the sugar cane backwards, the bitterness is over”, while Modena is like a “devil’s trap” that traps you and controls you, calling on everyone to get the AZ vaccine.