The case of the nine people killed in the Pakistani bombing, the official media put a harsh word: the Chinese are not to be messed with, especially not to kill, although far will be killed

On the morning of the 14th of this month, a bus full of Chinese engineers in Pakistan suddenly exploded on the road for unknown reasons, killing nine Chinese people, and the Chinese and Pakistani prime ministers labeled the incident as a “terrorist attack”. In response, the Global Times, the official media of the Communist Party of China, said, “Those who carry out terrorist attacks on Chinese people will be punished from afar.”

The incident left a total of 9 dead and 28 injured Chinese personnel, and traces of explosives were found at the scene of the investigation on the 15th, which is reported to be the worst terrorist attack in Pakistan in recent years causing Chinese casualties.

The official Chinese media Global Times issued a “sharp commentary” last night, saying that although the terrorist group that masterminded the attack has not yet emerged, “this cowardly group will definitely be found and must be resolutely eliminated.”

China will definitely support the Pakistani government to eliminate them, and if Pakistan needs support and help, China can even send special forces and other forces to participate in joint operations, “to eradicate the threat to Chinese targets in Pakistan, to make an example of them.”

Huan Shi put down the harsh words, “We must prove to people in some troubled countries that the Chinese are not to be messed with and especially not to be killed. Anyone who does anything to the Chinese is asking for their own destruction. In a word: those who carry out terrorist attacks against our compatriots will be punished from afar.”