HKU removes student union propaganda and slogans

The University of Hong Kong, once known as the cradle of democracy in Hong Kong, has shown a sense of powerlessness in the student union under heavy pressure. The Student Union Senate earlier passed a motion to mourn the July 1 police stabbing suspect, and immediately became a target, and then had to publicly apologize and resign collectively. Two days later, the University of Hong Kong Property Office sent staff and security guards on Sunday (11) morning to remove the Student Union building, various student union publicity board position, as well as the student union democracy wall of literature.

According to a report by the University of Hong Kong Campus TV and Academy on Sunday, about 20 security guards and cleaners removed the literature and slogans from the Student Union wall and the Student Union notice boards on the ground floor of the Student Union Complex, inside and outside the first floor, outside the Niu Rusi Building and in the lobby of the Leung Kau Kui Building. The report quoted student affairs director Xie Shuji as saying that the removed posters would not be discarded.

The removal operation ended around noon, and all the posters were removed. The report said that the student affairs director Xie Shuji was also present to observe, and said that the removal of the propaganda for the university in April 30 said the recovery of the student union site follow-up action, has been removed from the propaganda will be kept by him, and will contact the relevant members of the student union to ask how to dispose of.

The student body’s political views are increasingly divergent, and the Student Union Senate earlier passed a motion to mourn the July 1 stabbing of the police suspect, then suspected of being pressured to withdraw the motion, and even publicly apologized and resigned collectively. But the incident is not over, the University of Hong Kong Students’ Union Medical Association issued a statement on Sunday (11) early morning “cut seat”, indicating that it was not present, and opposed to the motion of condolence of the Senate, and will decide through a referendum whether to separate from the Student Union, independent operation.

The statement said that the representatives of the Medical Association repeatedly disagreed with the Convocation in the name of the Student Union on university politics and social issues, criticizing the Convocation in the name of the University of Hong Kong Student Union “bundle all affiliated clubs on external affairs and university affairs to make a unified statement”, and to the motto “unity” as the reason, a unified voice, stifling the Medical Association The statement also criticized the Convocation for using the University of Hong Kong Students’ Union to “bundle all its affiliated associations to make a unified statement on external affairs and university affairs” and for using the motto “unity” as a reason to unify its voice and stifle the minority voice of the Medical Association.

The statement also said that the Medical Association and the Convocation have serious philosophical differences, and continued participation in the Convocation is detrimental to the interests of the Medical Association. Therefore, the Medical Association will no longer send representatives to participate in the affairs of the Convocation, and said that the affiliation with the Student Government Association should be reviewed.

The struggle is also directed at academics on campus, the sixty-two-year-old Professor of Public Law Chan Man Man, whose original contract expired at the end of June, has proposed not to renew his contract due to family factors and to become a visiting professor.

But the Hong Kong Political Research Association, a pro-establishment group, launched an online petition against the renewal of Chen’s appointment as a visiting professor. The association questioned Chen’s role in the July 1 stabbing. In the case of the July 1 stabbing of a police officer, Chen “tried to downplay the suspected illegal incitement to lay flowers to terrorists. The public is called upon to take joint action to demand that the University draw a clear line, and the data will be submitted to the University Senate later.

After the suicide stabbing police case, Chen Wenmin interviewed by the media, violence should be condemned, but said the wreath-laying tribute may be illegal argument is far-fetched. He believes that the incident is still not determined whether terrorist activities, may only be an attack on the police incident. Chen Wenmin said that the police can not be unlimited expansion of the law, and mourning can be out of sympathy, or even as an expression of dissatisfaction with the government, and the promotion of terrorism is a big gap. If any act is considered illegal, or will be more conflict between the government and the public.