Hong Kong police detained five more people involved in the “City of Light” bombing case

Following the arrest of nine people suspected of manufacturing explosives by Hong Kong police last week, five more people suspected of being involved in the case were arrested on Monday, including four men and one woman, aged between 15 and 37, including three underage secondary school students.

According to Hong Kong media, the five people are suspected of “conspiracy to plan terrorist activities,” in violation of Article 24 of the Hong Kong National Security Law.

One of the arrested secondary school students was a “gold master” role, two other secondary school students claimed to have received money to participate in planting the bomb, and a site worker was suspected of helping to purchase materials.

Police said the operation is still ongoing and do not rule out the possibility of arresting more people involved in the case in the future.

Police National Security Division on July 6 announced the detection of a suspected terrorist activity, said in Tsim Sha Tsui, a hotel arrested nine members of the Hong Kong Independent Organization “City of Light” organization, seized a batch of bomb chemical TATP (triacetone peroxide), mentioned that the organization is trying to make “homemade bombs The group was trying to make “homemade bombs” and was planning to attack the cross-harbour tunnels, railroads and courts. Six of the nine people have been released on bail, and the remaining three will appear in court on Sept. 1.

Since the 2019 “anti-China” campaign, Hong Kong police have carried out raids in a number of locations, arresting 17 people and recovering bomb devices and chemicals that could be used to make bombs.