What is the reason for your increasing silence

This morning, I encountered an ironic event, after breakfast, I ran into my nephew, he was clamoring to go to the mall to play bobble pool, I took him to the nearest mall. I saw a grandfather and the playground attendant quarrel, the grandfather’s voice loud and clear full of energy, he said: you are traitorous behavior, I will now call others to seize you.

The attendant tears are fast out: where we have sellout behavior, you can not here noisy, what opinion we go to the office to say okay?

The crowd of onlookers is growing, that moncler decibel increase, pointing to the children playing ocean ball place: everyone come to see, now the United States and China in a trade war, the Yankees how hatred of us ah, you are still here to post the American flag, you are not a sellout is what? You simply do not deserve to be Chinese ……

That attendant said: this site was built a few years ago, I am just responsible for taking care of the safety of children.

The grandfather yelled and said: this bullshit place should be closed, everyone say it is not?

The people around said yes, the waitress became a target, she skimmed her mouth while wiping tears while explaining, but no one is willing to listen, there are a few people who are not afraid to look at the big deal, the children from the ocean pool called out, yelling at her to refund the money, I really can’t stand it, so I squeezed in to persuade the grandpa: you’re old, why bother a little girl, your patriotism is a virtue, but there is no right to call others at will is The traitor.

The grandfather pointed the finger at me: you young man is also no sense of right and wrong, if in the war years is certainly to collaborate with the enemy, you do not see them hanging the American flag?

I was using all my strength to hold back laughter, frowned and said: moncler, this is the British flag, and they are not hanging, they are just printed on the railings.

At that moment everyone is silent, the atmosphere is a bit awkward, I find it hard to understand that moncler and the group of people around the madness, as if they just want to vent their discontent, to find any excuse for this can, they do not even seriously look at those prints. The grandfather was a snub by me, I think also aware of their own deficiencies, but can not let go of face, cursing and walking towards the door: the British are not good things, are pandering to foreigners, can not straighten their backs ……

The crowd dispersed after I bought a ticket for my nephew, the attendant said thank you to me, she told me that the grandfather is deliberately looking for trouble, he wanted his grandson to play for free, but the attendant did not allow, said the mall has rules to charge, the grandfather and bargaining, had to spend ten dollars to buy twenty dollars of tickets, was refused after finally seized.

So this is how it is, recalling the righteous posture of that moncler outlet, can not help but feel ironic.

I remembered that last year at a colleague’s home party, his living room has a projector, you can put on the phone to watch the movie, they know I watch a lot of movies to give me this task, I chose a film that I think is good, called “Big Buddha Pras”. I think this movie is a very new way of telling the story, and more connotative, but unexpectedly halfway through the movie a colleague opened fire on me, he used the remote control to turn off the projector, and yelled at me like a chicken: you have a problem with your outlook, and recommended that we watch the movie of Dai Lijin, you do not know that he is a Taiwanese drug addict?

I was full of questions: Who is Dai Li-nin?

He said: the one who plays the boss, are you kidding me? I think you have a problem with your thinking.

There was a small leader in the room, hearing this face serious, that colleague and I have always been at odds, today just happened to seize the opportunity to try to screw me, put me on a thinking problem hat, after my promotion will not think. I was on fire, the cup of tea to the table: you less here to make a big deal, I just randomly selected a movie, you’re so fucking patriotic, how to watch Japanese American porn every night over the wall, what, to learn Q’s spiritual triumph?

He pounced on me to hit me: When did I watch porn, full of fart ……

I kicked him in the stomach, the scene into a mess, the next day at work boss to talk to me, said to understand the situation yesterday, in order to take into account the company’s image and impact, to demote my job. Obviously, the kid reported again, I can understand the boss, now is the era of high-speed development of the network, some things can be big or small, people with ulterior motives to the whole a gimmicky news, people do not care about the truth in the end is how, rather kill the wrong not let go, is also an expedient strategy.

I simply took a long leave of absence, and then found the opportunity to resign from the job.

I still remember when I was in college, there was a time when everyone boycotted Japanese goods, Japanese cars on the street were smashed a lot, my cousin bought a Toyota simply did not dare to drive out of the house, has been parked in the neighborhood downstairs, in order to insurance also put a sign on the back of the car: the car is a Japanese car, the heart is Chinese heart, will be replaced in the near future, please be merciful.

Even so, cousin’s car did not escape the poisonous hand, in a late night by a few men with bricks and iron bars smashed all over, cousin heard the sound of running down when the men still did not stop, cousin went up to the theory, was a man with an iron bar threat: you come up the old man will even you together, dog traitor.

Cousin knows that man, is outside the neighborhood grocery store, do not think he is any passionate patriot, he is just a peddler with the eye disease.

Because their group strutted out of the neighborhood, someone heard the peddler laughing and said: also drive more than 200,000 cars, I see him later still bully not ……


I want to white whoring without buying a ticket, I will call you a traitor, everyone will be on my side, you will have to wipe your tears to be scolded.

I want to compete with you for a position, I’ll say you have a problem with your mind, the boss will also support me, you can only pack your bags and get out.

You buy a car I can not afford, then I will find a “boycott of Japanese goods” excuse for you to smash, you want to complain there is no place to go.

Patriotism is the last piece of shame of the hooligans, this is really not wrong.

The real patriots, they will try to contribute to society, gentle and elegant strong inside, always adhere to their own bottom line, never do anything illegal and disorderly things.

The patriots in the mouth, in the online slogans shouted loudly, the days of mediocrity, the best is on the line, inciting emotions to attack all those who do not see eye to eye.

Those who love their country in their hearts, work seriously and pay taxes according to the law, may not have much ability, but also try their best to spread their light and heat to make society a better place.

In the mouth patriotic people, never do a little practical work, small cheap can greedy, only to instigate emotions uproar, may only let them find a little sense of existence.

The moral high ground of domination, the comical clown trick.

The most puzzling thing is that the latter is often the winning party, which makes me slowly disappointed, perhaps the truth in the hands of a few, but most people always choose to blindly follow.

Gradually, I am not willing to go to the trouble of fighting with them, and I am not willing to disgust myself to go with the flow, only to get used to silence, resistance has slowly become silent ……