How to save yourself from the road gangster entanglement

Many female students have begun to worry about what to do in such a situation, indeed, ordinary robbery and kidnapping is directly by violent means, other people’s interpretation of the information must be “this is a criminal case, need to stop or call the police.” And the criminals pretend to know the victim, and make a quarrel behavior to carry out kidnapping and robbery, people around the information will be misinterpreted as “this is a civil dispute case, they should stay out of it.”

To find a solution, we must first figure out why this is the case. When this happens in some Western countries, the likelihood that someone will instead step in and stop it is extremely high. There is a huge difference in the traditional Western and Chinese perceptions of what defines a civil and criminal case. A forced entry by a friend or relative is not a big deal in China, and even if you bring the police in, it’s just a long talk between the two parties. In some countries the police will just handcuff you and ask the person’s opinion, and if the person believes that the sentence should be imposed, the police will have to arrest them. So it is with the phenomenon of couples fighting, and with the traditional notion of affection as the top priority, most people do not think it is worth stopping or involving criminal time.

In addition to traditional perceptions, the environmental judgments of the people around them about their own dangerous situation can also influence their behavioral strategies. What does that mean? Take a simple example. For example, if you are walking down the street and you find that Muhammad Ali is molesting a strange little girl, you are outraged, but the thought of going up there is also looking for death, think about their wives and children and elderly parents, or flash it. This is not a moral issue, this is the evolution of human beings to avoid danger to preserve their own an instinctive strategy. Think about if you are relatively small, and see the subway than you strong people on the violence against others, how much courage you have to go up to see the righteousness (by) brave (beaten) it?

The Chinese people are still a good face group, in case it is really two people who know each other and then quarrel, you go up to manage, people unanimously, you say you how embarrassing. Not to mention that we do not have the blood of dueling in our bones, and not who won the duel will be able to hold the beauty of the home, it is not possible to intervene in the people’s rejuvenation and security, and then be said to meddle in the matter, so it is better to do more than less.

The key comes, how to get the help of the people around you in case of danger.

  1. Avoid group responsibility dispersal (bystander effect)

When you are dragged or pestered by someone you do not know, remember that blindly shouting “help, I do not know him” is not useful, because no one will realize that this matter and I am related, or she is asking me for help. What you should do at this point is to find a person around you, desperately to that person for help, hold on to that person, hug him, let him help you.

Diffusion of responsibility effect (Diffusion of responsibility) is also known as the bystander effect, refers to a matter, if a single individual is asked to complete the task alone, the sense of responsibility will be very strong, will make a positive response. However, if a group is asked to complete a task together, each individual in the group will have a weak sense of responsibility and will tend to retreat in the face of difficulties or encounter responsibilities. Because the former take responsibility independently, the latter expect others to take more responsibility. The essence of “responsibility scattering” is that more people are not responsible for the responsibility is not implemented.

This phenomenon of fragmentation of responsibility cannot simply be said to be the expression of the callousness of the people, or the growing moral degradation. Because in different occasions, people’s assistance behavior is indeed different. When a person encounters an emergency situation, if he is the only one who can provide help, he will be conscious of his responsibility to help the sufferer. If he does not see the death will produce guilt, guilt, which requires a high psychological cost. If there are many people present, the responsibility to help the helper will be shared by everyone, resulting in a scattering of responsibilities, with each person sharing very little responsibility, and the bystander may not even be aware of his own share of responsibility, resulting in a “I’m not going to save, by others to save” mentality, resulting in a “collective indifference” situation.

If only one person is present, he is responsible for helping others, and people with a little social morality will take the initiative to help. But if two or more people are present, the responsibility automatically spreads to everyone and becomes uncertain, so that providing help seems to be someone else’s business for each person.

  1. Finding reliable individuals to help

As we said above, individuals instinctively exist to avoid danger and self-preservation strategies, so the principle of seeking help is to look for a man rather than a woman, a big man rather than a thin man, and a person with responsibility and authority rather than an ordinary person. For example, to find tall and sturdy wearing gold chains to see a bullish male, or to find the police, security guards, volunteers, etc.. Of course, if you can find the city manager is the best.

  1. Let the degree of harm exaggerated

You do not get help from others is likely to be your call for help strategy has problems, so that others think that this is no big deal, do not need me to stop.

For example, you shout: “Help, I do not know him!” It would be better to shout “Help! Robbery!” It’s not as effective as “Help! Kidnapping, please help me!” or “Help, help, kill someone”. The more dangerous your message is, the more likely it is to attract the attention of others and alert them. Of course, it should be as appropriate as possible to the situation, too exaggerated may also have the opposite effect.

  1. Always be prepared to call the police

In addition to calling for help, girls will think of another way is to call the police. But the police is a very time-consuming thing, you have to take out the phone, unlock it, enter the dialing interface, press 110, dial call. It is estimated that you have not pressed the 110 number cell phone does not know where to go. So quick alarm is very important. Create a quick key contact, usually nothing to understand the phone or alarm method first.

  1. Prepare an alarm device with you

I once bought my girlfriend a small alarm device, a pull will have a piercing alarm sound, although not much use, but after all, will give criminals to deter, in his hesitation or timid a moment immediately seek help or escape. There are a lot of self-defense alarms on TB, buy one for your girlfriend, it’s not expensive. Do not be greedy cheap, after all, life safety is better than everything.

  1. abnormalized performance

Most people will panic and cry out for help when they encounter a mugger, if the mugger with a clever mind and superb acting skills has made the surrounding crowd completely convinced, and you can not see any hope of being rescued. This time is better than an immediate 180-degree change in attitude, an instant change of face.

The thugs have designed a lot of coping strategies and training for those who resist, and often lack advance preparation for other situations. So if you find that direct resistance is not very useful, why not use the perverse performance to confuse the opponent, looking for opportunities.

  1. Create loss

The same reasoning as mentioned in 1 is to turn the attitude of “it’s none of your business” into the attitude of “it’s all about you”. Grab someone’s phone and smash it over, don’t care if the phone is an iphone or a vertu, life is most important at this time. Grab all the available items around others and throw them out for help. Remember to shout when throwing: “Help, kidnapping! Please help me, I will compensate you.”

  1. Foresee the danger, advance prevention

Now many girls on the road will only look at the phone, happy to play with the selfie, completely disregard the situation around. In fact, many dangers can be foreseen, the criminals are not happy to just grab a, they tend to target as attention overly focused on the phone, looks alone, soft, better dressed women. Sometimes to ensure a steady and accurate attack, they may follow or stare for a while beforehand. So if you put away your cell phone while riding the subway, don’t be afraid to be lonely and put your attention into watching more people around you. Often feel the presence of danger in advance, once you feel the presence of danger, as soon as possible to escape or think about strategies to solve.