Report: the average monthly salary of the three cities in North, Shanghai and Shenzhen exceeded 10,000

The latest report released by Chinese HR service provider “MileagePlus” shows that the average salary in 27 major cities in China continued to grow in the second quarter of this year, with Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen breaking the 10,000 yuan mark.

According to the Second Quarter 2021 Salary Survey Report, the average monthly salary in Beijing is about 11,400 yuan, in Shanghai about 11,000 yuan, in Shenzhen about 10,400 yuan, and in Guangzhou and Hangzhou over 9,000 yuan. The Yangtze River Delta occupies six of the top 10 cities in terms of wages.

The report said that Chinese business operations have now largely shaken off the impact of the new crown epidemic and entered a stable phase, which, coupled with the continued salary increases by some companies in the second quarter, has led to continued growth in employee income.

Despite the steady growth in monthly salaries in major cities, the pressure of living in first-tier cities remains very onerous for most young people. A recent report released by Shell Research Institute shows that the average monthly set rent in first-tier cities is about 4,400 yuan, with rent close to 40% of graduates’ salaries.