Hong Kong man died after attacking a police officer on July 1, his suicide note said he was dissatisfied with the National Security Law

A Hong Kong man committed suicide Thursday night after stabbing a police officer with a knife. According to Hong Kong media reports, police found that he had information related to the “Anti-Sending China” movement, and his suicide note revealed his dissatisfaction with Hong Kong’s national security laws.

Hong Kong police have not yet released the personal information of the deceased, but “Hong Kong 01” reported Friday that the deceased was 50-year-old Leung Kin-fai, who worked as a purchasing agent. According to Radio Television Hong Kong, the deceased was unmarried, had no mental illness or criminal record, and had lived with his parents before he died.

Radio Television Hong Kong also quoted sources as saying that the police searched his home and found that his computer and newspaper clippings contained a lot of content related to the “anti-China” campaign, which he is believed to have read before planning the attack. When the incident occurred, he also carried a flash drive, containing a suicide note explaining the reason for the murder, the text contains words of criticism of the police, he also questioned the national security law affects the freedom of the public.