Remnants of collapsed Florida apartment building to be demolished to ensure safety

Remnants of partially collapsed apartment building in Florida to be demolished by blasting to ensure safety

Tropical Storm Elsa (Elsa) is forecast to hit southern Florida in the coming days. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Saturday (July 3) that the remnants of the partially collapsed apartment building will be demolished to ensure safety before the storm arrives.

DeSantis said the collapsed apartment building is currently “crumbling” and “structurally unsafe” and that demolition by demolition would be prudent.

DeSantis said at a press conference, “If the building is demolished, it will protect our search and rescue teams because we don’t know when it will collapse.”

Meanwhile, two more bodies have been found in the partially collapsed Champlain Towers complex South, raising the death toll to 24, with another 124 people still unaccounted for.

De Santis said the remnants of the apartment complex could be demolished as soon as Sunday and would not have much impact on the search and rescue efforts. Last week there were already many concerns that the remnants of the building could collapse, threatening the lives of search and rescue workers on the scene and further affecting the search and rescue efforts.

Deputy Fire and Rescue Commander Raide Jadallah told the families of the missing that the remnants of the building will be “demolished as soon as possible. It’s the first thing tomorrow.”

He said that once the remnants of the building are removed, it will be cleaned up immediately, allowing rescuers to access the underground parking garage of the collapsed building for the first time. That could give searchers a better idea of where the vacuum in the rubble might be and find more survivors.

DeSantis had declared a local state of emergency ahead of the tropical storm.