The bloodshed at Fudan is now a replica of the root cause of the violence that pervades?

According to the official microblogging site of Shanghai Yangpu police on July 6, at 5:10 p.m. on July 5, a knife-wielding injury case occurred in a company on Zhongshan North Second Road in Yangpu District. The victim, Xu (male, 38 years old, the company’s employees) died after being taken to the hospital and rescued. The suspect Liu Mou (male, 34 years old, the company’s employees) explained that because of the work grudge knife injury colleagues Xu.

This is the second bloodbath in Shanghai within a month after the “Fudan bloodbath”. It is no coincidence that the Communist Party of China (CPC) has once again stammered in its briefing, making keywords vague. Nevertheless, according to the text and pictures provided by a large number of netizens, the outside world basically confirmed that the bloodshed occurred in the Shanghai Municipal Design Institute, the stabber Liu was a seafaring landscape designer of the Institute’s electrical institute, while Xu, who was killed by slitting his throat, was the director of the design institute’s electrical institute.

A netizen broke the news that the stabber Liu’s contract expired without getting renewed, so that half a year of design fees also became a bubble, “equal to white bleaching half a year”. It is reported that designers are base salary plus design output commission way of income. And electrical professional design fees from a square one, down to the current fifty cents. And the stabbed Xu, have the right to assign design tasks and assign design commission. Liu not only did not get the renewal, half a year of hard work design fees also fell short, so “to repay the grievance”, in the elevator will be the director of the throat.

Although the Communist Party of China (CPC) has been spending a lot of money on the “Centennial Party Celebration”, deliberately creating a “song and dance” in the sound of praise and virtue, the reality of the chaos has repeatedly uncovered the CCP’s shameful cloth, and has slapped the CCP in the face.

As the assassin was also a returnee doctor, the assassinated person was also the head of the hospital, and the reason was still the failure to renew the contract, and the assassination method was also throat slitting. The case has been dubbed “Fudan bloodbath 2.0” by the outside world.

Realistically speaking, Liu, the assassin of the Shanghai Municipal Design Institute, and Xu, the deceased, were both victims and victims of Chinese Communist tyranny, and their misfortunes are equally deplorable. However, because of the CCP’s perverse, high-handed and brutal system, and its injustice system, public grievances have accumulated and even boiled over; at the same time, the CCP has constantly instilled and strengthened the culture of struggle, “Chinese people are not to be messed with”, “to make the enemy’s head bleed”, etc. At the same time, the CCP constantly instills and strengthens the culture of struggle, “Chinese people are not to be messed with”, “to make the enemy’s head bleed”, etc., which strengthens the violence within the people. As a result, young people with grievances and hostility who have suffered injustice have taken desperate measures, while the party officials involved have unfortunately become the scapegoats of the Chinese Communist Party and have taken the blame that the Communist Party should have taken.

Earlier, on June 7, after Jiang Wenhua, a teacher at Fudan University’s School of Mathematics, stabbed and killed Wang Yongzhen, the party secretary of the school, he calmly told police at the crime scene that the motive for the killing was because he had “been framed and treated badly in the school, which has continued until now …… “. Multiple sources also corroborate the injustice suffered by Jiang Wenhua, who was restricted from applying for projects and assessing the title of associate professor due to the suppression of Dean Wang Yongzhen. Among them, the mother of Jiang Wenhua’s classmate disclosed that Wang Yongzhen had plagiarized Jiang Wenhua’s thesis and later dismissed him for insufficient academic achievements, which led to his death. Subsequently, the Fudan University Alumni Association launched a fundraising campaign for Wang Yongzhen. Unexpectedly, public opinion flipped, and the public almost lopsidedly said they wanted to donate for Jiang Wenhua.

As the dean of the School of Mathematics, Wang Yongzhen went so far as to plagiarize the papers of young faculty members, which shows the depth of his academic standards. After Wang Yongzhen’s death, Zhu Gang, head of the Chinese Department at Fudan University, posted a tribute entitled “Seeking benevolence, Yongzhen rests in peace” (which means “Wang Yongzhen’s request for death was met with death”), once again revealing that “Party officials direct scientists” and “laymen lead scientists” under the Chinese Communist Party. This once again reveals the dilemma of “Party officials directing scientists” and “laymen leading insiders” under the Chinese Communist Party.

The recent media exposure of “Zhang Tao, secretary of Aerospace Investment, violently beat up two academicians” also vividly reflects the corruption and absurdity of the Chinese Communist Party system and the arrogance and domineering of party officials.

On June 6, Zhang Tao, secretary of the Party Committee of the mainland’s Aerospace Investment Holding Co., invited two academicians of the International Academy of Astronautics, Wang Jinnian, 55, and Wu Meirong, 85, to a banquet. During the dinner, Zhang Tao asked Wang and Wu to support his election as an academician. The two did not agree and an argument broke out. At 10:47 that night, Zhang Tao sneaked in the elevator door and kicked Wang Jinnian to the ground, followed by 85-year-old Wu Meirong.

According to the video of the crime scene, Zhang Tao beat Wang Jinnian for a long time. As a result, Wang Jinnian suffered broken ribs and multiple soft tissue injuries throughout his body, while Wu Meirong, who is over 80 years old, suffered a spinal fracture and was hospitalized for surgery. Wang Jinnian recalled that Zhang Tao kept shouting “I just want to be an academician”, “I have endless money” and “I just want to kill you” during the beating.

Although the details of the “Fudan bloodbath 2.0” remain to be seen, the outside world can basically see what is happening in the recent ugly cases.

The rise of the young “laying flat” tribe originated from the Chinese Communist Party’s oppression of the people and its inordinate “cutting of leeks”, although the “laying flat” type of resistance is slightly negative, it highlights that the people no longer buy the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party. This pattern of “rising up with knives” by Jiang Wenhua is not the result of the CCP’s evil and its unjust system, which has driven people to the point of “the people are not afraid to die”, but is also the result of the CCP’s own sins. However, the frequent occurrence of such bloodshed is not the root of the problem, and destroys not only the two people involved, but also the families associated with them.

As Chinese people, we should really recognize that the CCP is the root cause of all the evils. To get rid of the misfortune, we should stay away from the CCP and quit the party, league and team as soon as possible; and the party officials should really reflect on whether they should continue to be the scapegoat of the CCP and end up in a sad end, or quit the party as soon as possible to save their lives and redeem a better future for themselves and their families.