Unblocking is coming! More than 30,000 confirmed in the UK in a single day Total exceeds the 5 million mark

The UK will be officially unsealed on July 19, but the epidemic has been heating up in recent days, with 32,551 new cases of Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) reported on the 8th, bringing the total to over the 5 million mark.

According to foreign media reports, the United Kingdom reported on Thursday that more than 32,000 people were diagnosed in the past 24 hours, the highest number of confirmed cases in a single day since January 23 this year (33,522 cases), bringing the cumulative total to 5,022,893 cases. The number of deaths rose by 35, the third time this week that the number was higher than 30.

Health Minister Sajid Javid said this week that the number of new cases could be as high as 100,000 per day after the closure. But Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended the unsealing, saying the vaccine has weakened the link between cases and deaths.

But doctors are concerned that more people will need to be hospitalized as cases of the Delta variant of the virus increase, fearing that the health care system will struggle to cope if cases reach 100,000 to 120,000 on a single day in just a few weeks.