The ambassador to South Korea Chinese wife beat people flying kicked bento Belgian Foreign Ministry ordered: return home immediately!

The Chinese wife of Belgian Ambassador to South Korea Peter Lescouhier, Xiang Xueqiu, had a confrontation with a cleaning woman on the 5th of this month, and Xiang Xueqiu fell down and was sent to the hospital in the process, while the cleaning woman reported to the police station, alleging that she was slapped twice and kicked the lunchbox. The incident has once again aroused public outrage in South Korea. The Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmès said on Wednesday that the ambassador to Seoul is being recalled “without delay”.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The incident caused an uproar in South Korea, and people even went to the Belgian Embassy to protest. The Belgian Foreign Ministry stated at the time that Ambassador Lescouyer had decided to end his posting in South Korea this summer and would return to Belgium, but his wife did not keep a low profile and hit people again to cause trouble.

On the 5th of this month, the cleaning woman in a park in Seoul, when the cleaning woman accidentally touched her body with a broom, the two sides had a scuffle and pushed each other to the ground, the cleaning woman accused to the police, because she was slapped 2 times by Sang Seol-qiu, she would do it, Sang Seol-qiu also kicked over her lunchbox, and 2 weeks ago Sang Seol-qiu had thrown a tissue in her face. The South Korean Foreign Ministry said that if the investigation is illegal, it will “respond sternly”.

The Belgian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that it was not clear about the incident, but Minister Wilmes said that Ambassador Lescouyer should “return to Belgium immediately” and said that this was in consideration of the “responsibility of the ambassador to the host country” and also hoped to maintain good relations with the Republic of Korea.

The Belgian embassy in South Korea had apologized on Facebook for the first incident of beating by Sang Seok Cho, but it provoked more anger, and the South Korean people thought the Belgian ambassador should apologize in person, not on the Internet.