These 6 lifestyles will crush your dreams

Each of us has grown up with many ideals. However, many “dream projects” do not even The “project” hurdle is not even passed. Yes, too many dreams are “killed” for various reasons.

Bel Pesce is an entrepreneur, TED speaker and winner of Brazil’s “100 Most Influential People” award. In her opinion, the following 6 life attitudes are the most common ways to end your dreams. To change yourself and achieve your dreams, start by changing these lifestyles!

1 Believe that there is such a thing as “overnight success

You may have heard many similar stories: someone in his early 20s, because in just a few days to sell a mobile app, his value soared millions of dollars.

These stories may be true. But if you pay attention, you can definitely find that the guy may have gotten a master’s degree or even a PhD in his field before creating these apps. And he may have conceived the idea for much longer.

There is no such thing as overnight success.

Just like when I started FazINOVA, a Brazilian school for entrepreneurs. I was well aware that if I wanted to launch a product successfully, it could take months or even longer.

Behind all the “overnight successes” there is a lot of hard work and sweat, which is the result of all their efforts.

2 Let others dictate how you live your life

If we’re lucky, we often meet people who are more experienced than us in our field. He will give you experience when you create a project. At this point, you’ll be open to learning from them and thank them for pointing you in the right direction.

But ultimately, you are the one who decides how things are going to be done.

As an example, I firmly believe that the digital and mobile era will dominate the future and know that I should focus on one thing. Despite many people’s disapproval, last year I made up my mind to develop a series of offline courses in addition to offering digital courses. It was a difficult process, but the change has proven to be very successful.

It’s not a bad idea to imagine your life as a jumbled system of pipelines.

There are multiple options for pipelines along your life pathway. But in order to get to an ideal place, you must decide for yourself on each choice, and not let others make it for you.

Although such decisions can sometimes hurt you, you are on your ideal path.

3 “I only do what I like! “Other things are none of my business

This is very important.

Everyone wants to find their own point of interest. Of course, it is very important to do what you like to do. But the problem is that when you are doing the work you like, more or less always do something you don’t like.

My sister and I are working together. Before she started working with me, she thought some of the projects I was working on were really interesting – so she thought I was doing exactly what I ideally wanted to do.

And it wasn’t until she actually started working with me that she slowly realized how far apart the ideal was from the reality. She didn’t realize that a lot of the things I deal with in the office in a day aren’t as fun as she thought they would be.

For example, we need to deal with people and things according to the company’s rules. So, to be really successful and do what you like to do, you definitely need to deal with something you don’t like.

4 Think “growth” will continue naturally

Okay, so your job is really hard.

You’ve spent the last five years focusing on your projects day and night, you have a team you can trust, and your work is impeccable. Now that everything is on track, do you envision that your company’s business will continue to grow even if you don’t do anything right now.

Wrong. If you feel like you’ve reached a peak now, what you need to do is keep working to reach another peak. When you finish a project, think more about how else you can make it better.

In 2012, I released a very popular free e-book in Brazil that was downloaded by over 2 million people, and in 2014, when I published my second book, I knew I wasn’t going to have to work very hard to get a lot of downloads. But I didn’t stop there, on the contrary, I toured 26 states in Brazil to promote the book, staying in each one for a day in order to launch it. In the process, I broke through and witnessed another peak for myself.

5 Blaming others for the mistakes in your life

I often hear people say, “I have the best product, but the market is down and no one is buying my stuff.” Or he may say, “I have a great IDEA, but lack of discerning investors. “

It’s always easy to pass the buck.

The market is bad, investors have no vision …… but if none of your products are selling and none of your investors appreciate your idea, then you may really have a bit of a problem.

Change your product, your team, your approach, and your plan. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that pie will fall from the sky and turn your dream into an instant reality.

If you have a dream, be responsible for it, and only you can be responsible for it.

6 Only focus on the results ignore the process

Once I heard a friend’s hiking experience, they depicted that it was a very difficult hike, with many difficulties along the way, but they still overcame the difficulties and climbed to the top.

When they reached the summit, they celebrated together. But after two minutes, they said, “OK, let’s get off the mountain”.

People always fantasize, “I wish I could do it someday! “Think that as long as the goal is achieved, you can feel a sense of achievement and happiness.

In fact, success is only a fleeting feeling, after all, life is still moving forward – life is not a goal, but a long journey.

The best way to do this is to enjoy every step towards achieving your goals, because every time you fall, it will be a powerful stepping stone for you. Treat every step you take as a celebration and a learning opportunity, and then you will earn yourself more opportunities to progress.