Party celebration without smiles and the shenanigans of the party’s new numbers

On July 1, the climax of the Communist Party’s centennial celebration was staged in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, where the Communist Party’s CCTV showed a video of dozens of current and former senior Communist Party officials and hundreds of guests on the Tiananmen Tower without smiles throughout, and tens of thousands of audience members in the square with barely a smile on their faces. Probably everyone knew that this was just a costly and labor-intensive political show, but the embarrassing reality was that there was no way to smile at the celebration.

On the same day, the Chinese Communist Party announced its latest membership figure of 95.148 million, which means “I’m going to die”! Whether this is coincidence or fate, it is no wonder that the performers at the July 1 celebration could not muster a smile. From 91,194,000 members in 2020, which means “I’m going to die”, to 95,148,000 members in 2021 (“I’m going to die”), it seems that no one can stop the Communist Party from dying.

Xi Jinping, who read the script word by word, could not laugh, Hu Jintao, who had a head full of white hair, could not laugh, and the Politburo Standing Committee and members were also in deep crisis and could not laugh either.

Therefore, after listing the so-called hypocritical achievements, Xi said falsely that the CPC “does not have any special interests of its own and has never represented the interests of any interest group, any powerful group or any privileged class. Such a feeble statement will not be believed by the people in Tiananmen Square, so who can be expected to believe it?

Xi Jinping also said he wanted to “adhere to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the ‘Three Represents’ Important Thought and the Scientific Outlook on Development”, but no one on the scene believed in these slogans. Just like the hoax political show of the CCP’s centennial party celebration, the very existence of the CCP today is the biggest hoax of all. This privileged class, which claims to represent the proletariat, is in essence the largest proletariat in China; this privileged class, which claims to build socialism, is in essence the biggest beneficiary of the decades of embracing Western capitalism.

Now faced with a critical situation, the CCP’s privileged class is so anxious that Xi Jinping is forced to say, “Any attempt to divide the CCP from the Chinese people and pit them against each other will never succeed!

Xi Jinping claims not to represent the “privileged class,” but on behalf of the 95,148,000 Party members, he “does not promise” to withdraw from the stage of history. Xi’s contradictory statements show what an existential crisis the CCP is in on its centennial! At this time, the CCP is still relying on political shows and oppressive persecution to maintain power, and the top brass is obviously most afraid that “more than 1.4 billion Chinese people will not agree”!

What the CCP has been most worried about since the beginning is the internal risk than the risk of confronting the US and the West. Although the current and most of the former senior officials of the CCP were present, they were there more to show the presence of their own faction, so they were on the Tiananmen Tower, but they did not want to squeeze out a little smile to support the audience, they could not be optimistic about the current situation of the CCP regime and their own power, or they were extremely dissatisfied with it, otherwise how could they have kept their faces blank from the beginning?

Xi Jinping, who continues to shout about the “community of human destiny,” has not set foot outside his home country for a year and a half, and no major heads of state have visited him; no heavyweight guests from any country have come to attend the carefully planned party celebration, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, a full strategic partner, has only made a perfunctory video call.

Caught in international isolation, the Communist Party’s top brass can only use the slogan of strengthening the military to continue to incite nationalism, and on an occasion that should be celebrated, they have made harsh remarks, threatening that the U.S. and Western countries “will break their heads in front of the Great Iron Wall built with flesh and blood by more than 1.4 billion Chinese people. Once again, the top echelon of the Chinese Communist Party has openly kidnapped the Chinese people and will continue to “bully, oppress and enslave” them and use them as a bargaining chip against the international community, but has it ever asked “whether the more than 1.4 billion Chinese people will agree”?

Xi Jinping, who is dressed in a Zhongshan suit, is trying to imitate Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong, unwilling to let power lapse, launched the Cultural Revolution in order to bring down his political opponents in the internal struggle, and took the risk of receiving 1.5 million Red Guards in Tiananmen Square in 1966; the large number of young people who were deluded at that time were so enthusiastic that they never thought they would actually become pawns in the internal struggle of the Chinese Communist Party. The vast majority of them did not have half a smile on their faces, they knew all about this political show and were just going through the motions to fulfill their roles. Their almost unanimous expressions reveal their true hearts, and they should be at a loss for the future.

The CCP’s party celebration is finally over amidst the fears and high-profile propaganda, but the reality of the dilemma has not disappeared. The CCP authorities continue to confront the international community, saying that they “do not accept the ‘Teacher Master'” and continue to make harsh remarks about Taiwan and Hong Kong, but these inflammatory and irritating remarks only serve to isolate the CCP further.

The so-called internal circulation “new development pattern” cannot solve the unemployment problem of college students and migrant workers in the city; the so-called “scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement” cannot solve the “stuck neck” problem. The propaganda of victory against the epidemic and the continued denial of concealment of the epidemic cannot resist the pursuit of responsibility for the epidemic by various countries, let alone the departure of the global supply chain; the campaign against tigers cannot cure the rotten officialdom of the Communist Party; the backward aircraft carriers cannot show a powerful army ……

In front of the carefully woven lies of the party celebration, the top echelons of the CCP can’t laugh themselves, and who can be expected to follow the celebration? The repeated shenanigans of the Party’s numerical harmonies, and the violent rain and hailstorm in Beijing that day all foretell that the political show of the Party’s celebration will not change the fate of the CCP’s rapid demise. The expressions on the faces of the CCP top brass and the crowd performers accurately reflected their concern and helplessness about the current situation, which were unabashedly shown to the world by the CCP party media.

Hardly counting from 1921, the Chinese Communist Party’s organization has barely existed for 100 years; but the red rivers and mountains that began in 1949 should never see 100 years again.