Buy fitness equipment home, 99% of people regret it

After the summer, the search volume of the keyword “weight loss”, along with the temperature soared. Throw away the previous fitness card that has expired after a few uses, hitting workers to review the reasons for weight loss failure: the gym is too far, working too late, the locker room hair dryer is not working well ……

The more reasons there are, the more serious the figure anxiety becomes. The recurrence of the epidemic has finally made more and more beat workers study how to work out at home.

The transaction data of e-commerce is the best evidence. In May this year, several online shopping platforms showed that sales of home fitness equipment increased by more than 150% year-on-year.

In addition, a research firm has reported that the number of home fitness equipment sales in China in the second and third quarters of 2020 is extremely impressive, and the Asia-Pacific home fitness equipment market is expected to reach $12 billion in 2025.

There are certainly benefits to working out at home, especially for those who live far from the gym, saving time and energy. But as the voice of “home gym equipment is an IQ tax” grows louder, we realize that this may not be for everyone.


At home fitness? Can thin count me lose

Most people who intend to work out at home will consider getting a treadmill. But as the highest online sales of cardio equipment, many people bought home, only to find that its use is not only running and tanning:.

Wu Yifan also said in an interview that he had bought a treadmill for his family, but he had not used it once. Later, he wanted to use it for his own dog, but he couldn’t see it.

After talking to many friends who bought treadmills for home use but eventually abandoned them, we found that the reason is only three words: too boring.

Therefore, some people use the reason that the treadmill hurts the knees and is noisy to convince themselves to sell the treadmill to stop the loss. So much so that when you go to the second-hand idle website to search for treadmills, you will find that you can’t turn to the bottom, because there are far more sellers than buyers, and everyone’s copy is surprisingly consistent: 90% new / not run a few times / bought less than six months.

So, what kind of people should buy a treadmill at home? A netizen’s hardcore experience may give you the answer: the downstairs tenants always like to party late at night, communication for several times to no avail, so he bought a treadmill to fight back, every day at 6 o’clock on time to run, noisy for 3 days downstairs became good.

When the dream of running at home with air conditioning and watching TV without haze was shattered, some people turned to HIIT – known as “fat loss treasures ” known as jumping exercise, the British who invented the concept that “2 minutes of HIIT can be worth half an hour of jogging “.

Such an amazing exercise, actually only need a yoga mat, just ask your heart is not moved?

However, there is an iron law in the fitness world: the more the exercise does not require the assistance of tools, the higher the threshold for the exerciser himself. Even if you can barely keep up the pace, it is difficult for the average person to stick with it, because the process is really painful.

In recent years, there have been more and more questions about this type of exercise, and there are even studies that show that HIIT can aggravate the symptoms of chronic disease in some people. Therefore, the general health of friends in hearing the news, has given up. Along with the abandoned, there is the smell did not dissipate the yoga mat.

Seeing that the yoga mat will be ruined, the workers had a sudden idea: can not lose fat, then muscle gain. After all, like squats, sit-ups, push-ups and flat support such anaerobic exercise, are not required equipment can be achieved. Confidently downloading good fitness videos, they hope to secretly practice a large block at home, and then amaze everyone.

But after practicing for a short time, the problem comes again. To sit-ups, for example, this exercise done right, in fact, for the exercise of the abs have a very good effect, but almost every physical education teacher, teach you a different posture. Even if you go searching, netizens can provide you with many versions: holding the neck curled legs, holding the ears straight legs, feet fixed up ……

The fitness er who is at a loss, again by the experts of a “elastic band + yoga mat yyds” grass, the last hope bet on this group The last hope is on this group of “all-purpose fitness equipment”. I just didn’t expect to learn a lot about the purchase of elastic bands: different colors, different thicknesses and different pounds, all corresponding to different functions and groups, the white has long looked dizzy.

When they patiently did their homework and excitedly bought back the elastic band, they realized that this thing is not friendly, and many times just can’t stimulate the parts they want to practice. At the same time, they also have to worry about the quality of the things they buy to hand, after all, the elastic band blinded a few people.

Therefore, some people are angry, directly to the second-hand market to carry a Smith machine home.

For readers who have not been to the gym, here still need to science, Smith machine this thing, is a very reliable muscle building equipment. Basically, you can train the muscles of the whole body, and because its trajectory is fixed, so it is both practical and safe.

But the problem is that this thing it is too big.

There are two friends around the home Smith machine into the pit. One of them, from the day they bought home, the husband and wife because of the placement of the issue has argued countless times, he eventually returned to the gym; another, her friends heard that she bought a Smith machine, went to visit, one or two, she directly opened a fitness studio, business is not known, but from the circle of friends photos, the muscle line is not as good as before.


The 1% possibility of fitness at home

After seeing so many unreliable options, is it completely impossible to work out at home? Not really.

According to the feedback of users, home cardio equipment in three months after the idle ranking: rowing machine > treadmill > elliptical machine, not very famous but the highest use rate of elliptical machine is actually a good equipment.

This machine invented in the United States, the reason why it can become a big gym queue is because compared with the treadmill, the elliptical machine not only does not hurt the joints (ankle and knee joints), but also can better exercise to the upper limbs.

This apparatus is suitable for the old, young, fat and thin. Do not underestimate this, especially for overweight people who need to lose weight, there are really not many aerobic exercises for them, and those involving running and jumping are off-limits. In addition to swimming and cycling, similar to the elliptical machine such equipment is simply a fat savior.

And the elliptical machine also has a benefit that can not be ignored, that is, noise! Sound! Low! This alone is enough to kill 99% of the home cardio equipment on the market.

If your home is big enough, the elliptical machine is definitely something you can get. For people with limited living space, many have chosen to “play while thin” fitness ring, resulting in the price of the product skyrocketed during the epidemic.

According to the feedback of netizens, the fat loss performance of the fitness ring is still excellent. It integrates exercise into the game, using squatting, running, jumping such movements to fight monsters. A few rounds down, has been sweating profusely, consumed calories in no way less than in the gym. It is also because the solution to the problem of cardio equipment is too boring, fitness ring weight loss is easier to stick to.

In addition, the most valuable part of the fitness ring products is to provide users with fitness feedback, simply put, it can avoid “blind practice”.

Fitness, the sensors placed on the body will identify whether you have been lazy, do the standard to pass; fitness, it will generate fitness data to quantify your training results, so you know where you still need to improve.

However, although the fitness ring can be muscle training, but after all, the intensity is limited. If you really need to gain muscle, you have to consider the fitness mirror products (in order to avoid advertising suspicions, so do not put the picture, you search), it can not only achieve muscle, but also take into account fat loss.

The fitness mirror is currently on the market, the most able to meet the needs of home fitness equipment (many people even feel that it is not even called equipment, because it is really small, really only a mirror so big).

In fact, in traditional gyms, the main role of the personal trainer is to correct mistakes, because this is the key to ensure the quality of fitness. So many people training at home, muscle building skills can only rely on their own understanding, the effect is generally not ideal, fitness mirror is just the solution to this pain point.

It not only provides a wealth of training programs, but also gives you the “sense of interaction” that you only have in the gym. Because you do each action, the mirror can give you accurate scoring, so you know whether you are standard, and this is other home muscle building equipment can not give.

However, the goods also have a fatal flaw: expensive.

There are not many brands of fitness mirrors on the market, but the cheapest also has to be about 3000. The main thing is that if you want to continue to use after a year, you have to buy a separate course membership, so the calculation, in turn, more expensive than doing a fitness card. Go to the gym may also be able to swim, steam a sauna, but buy a mirror, you can only toss at home, and also have to bear the risk of “can not afford to use”.


If you want to work out, you should go to the gym

So, want to work out at home, not impossible, but too many restrictions.

For people who rent, buy a relatively large amount of equipment, even if you can put down can not take away, extremely uneconomical; and for people who have a fixed residence, most people buy equipment just to meet the fetish of chopping, may be the day of the order really have a heart into Stallone or Ariella, but ultimately often lost to self-control.

For example, when you finish practicing at home, you may suddenly find that the dumbbells in your hands, somehow replaced by a lighter pile. But if you are in the gym, this will never happen. Imagine your vanity when you have a few big guys lined up behind you and they say “if you can’t lift it, don’t take the pit”?

The attributes of home are mainly residential and leisure, so it is easier to generate the psychological implication of “now you should relax” there, it is a place where the cost of laziness is the lowest, otherwise You think why paid study room can fire up? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are going to be studying for a public exam, and not many of them will be stupid. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot of money for a lot of the time.

In addition, after talking to several friends who often soak in the gym, I realized that the reason they can persist in going to the gym is that the gym itself has “no need to persist “Because practice to a certain extent, will be a bit addictive. Moreover, the social attributes of the gym also make it easier for people to have the desire to exercise: when you break the shyness every time, actively looking for strangers in the gym to help you “with a group of protection”. When you break the shyness, you can make new friends with every bench press you practice.

Perhaps in the eyes of the true gods, anywhere can be a gym. But for the average person, the right way to do fitness card is to be good. Even if the fitness instructor sells the class with water, or better than their own blindly figure out.