7 great uses for soy milk and soybean dregs

Drinking soya milk every day will also bring some troubles, soya milk in the summer is particularly prone to spoilage, and a large number of soya bean residue produced by daily bean milk, dumping not only waste, but also easy to produce a stink in the garbage bag.

How can these problems be solved? In fact, soy milk can drink and eat, soybean residue gourmet methods are also very much. Here’s a look at the delicious ways to eat soy milk and soybean residue.

1、Cooking rice with soy milk

Cooking rice with soy milk and rice not only complements nutrition, but also slows down the rise of blood sugar.

Note: When making rice, the amount of soy milk should be more than the amount of water used when cooking rice with water. The same 200 grams of rice, if cooked with water, add 260 ml will be fine, if cooked with soy milk, you have to use 300 ml. After pouring the washed rice into the soy milk, stir it to prevent the rice from forming a lump.

Cook rice with soy milk for better nutrition

If you cook rice with soy milk instead of water, the taste of the cooked rice will not only have the fragrance of soy milk, but also enhance the nutrition of the rice. Soybean residue can also be put in when cooking rice, which is good for people with constipation and high blood pressure.

If you don’t put bean dregs, use water to shabu-shabu the dregs, the washed dregs can be used as flower fertilizer, and the water from the shabu-shabu should be combined into the bean milk and used to cook rice.

It is important to note that the soybean milk used for cooking rice must be relatively thin soybean milk. Usually 1 times the beans put 20 times the weight of water is enough. If the concentration is too high, you can add water to dilute it. Too thick soybean milk cooking rice is easy to hard.

2、Soybean milk and soybean residue for pancakes

In addition to cooking rice, soybean residue is more suitable for making pancakes, can produce a special soft taste, but also can significantly improve the sense of satiety.

It is very simple: flour with chopped leeks, fennel or celery leaves and other fragrant vegetables, add eggs and soy milk, and make a flour paste, then add bean dregs, put some washed shrimp or chopped seafood, add a dash of oil, spread in a non-stick pan and make soft pancakes, convenient and delicious.

The wonderful thing is that the seafood flavor of shrimp and seafood is very compatible with the bean dregs, and after mixing the two, you can’t eat the bean flavor, only the seafood flavor. And leek, celery and other scented vegetables, can also improve to a certain extent to cover up the bean smell.

3, using soy milk and soybean residue to make steamed buns

In addition, soya bean milk and soya bean residue used in steamed buns, flour cakes and nests also add more delicious.

The amino acids, B vitamins and lecithin in soybean milk can make the steamed buns ferment better, the texture more fluffy, the protein content significantly increased, the minerals more abundant and the aroma more intense. Of course, by the same token, the dough made from soy milk can be used to make buns, bread, rolls, etc.

However, it is not suitable for making cakes, cookies and the like, as these doughs all require a lower protein content.

Make nests with soymilk and soybean dregs to improve taste and nutrition

When making nests with corn flour on a daily basis, the texture is hard. Adding soy milk and soybean dregs instead of water to make nests will make the texture softer.

Because the dietary fiber in soybean dregs has water-absorbing properties, soy lecithin will make the nest soft; because the protein in corn lacks lysine, after adding soybean milk, it can greatly improve the nutritional value of the nest, and the dietary fiber, oligosaccharides, isoflavones and minerals in soybean dregs can all be used.

4、Steaming egg custard with soy milk

To steam egg custard with soy milk instead of water, be sure to use the top clear part of the soy milk that has been filtered out of the soybean dregs. After adding soy milk, the protein content of the egg has improved, making the egg custard tender and smooth, with higher coagulation efficiency.

The ratio of egg to soy milk is about 1:1.5. Other seasonings can be added according to the custom of steaming egg custard on weekdays, such as salt, cooking wine, pepper, sesame oil, chicken essence, etc. You can also add shrimps, mushroom strips, scallions, cilantro and other ingredients to beautify the garnish. It should be noted that the egg custard should be steamed slowly over low heat to solidify more slowly for a delicate and even texture.

5、Make soup custard with soy milk

Soybean milk is actually suitable for making many creamy soups, such as fish soup, meat soup, hot pot soup, soup noodles soup can be added to make the soup more creamy, more delicious, and refreshing non-greasy. Compared to adding artificially prepared emulsified condiments like “white soup essence”, adding soy milk has higher nutritional value and does not require any additives.

Congee made with soy milk is also a delicacy. After the rice is cooked, add the cooked soy milk and stir well, then cook for a minute or two. The fragrance of the rice and soy milk complement each other well. Adding soy milk to salty porridge such as lean pork porridge and fish fillet porridge is also all very delicious.

6、Cooking with soybean residue

Soybeans have a slightly fishy taste and are best eaten with seafood. Cut green onions into scallions, chopped shrimp, stir-fried together, then add washed and dried bean dregs stir-fried, and finally add a small amount of salt and chicken seasoning can be. Add the fried bean dregs with small river shrimps, scallions and cucumber sticks, add some sweet noodle sauce, and eat it in a lotus leaf cake like roast duck.

In the northern region, there is a tradition of stir-frying bean dregs with vegetables, adding some spices to choke the pot, the taste is unexpectedly good. Yi people have a special flavor soup dish, called even crumbs, that is, in the pot with a little soybean milk and water, add a little cooked oil, then add shredded cabbage cooked, add bean dregs cooked together, and then add a little salt, monosodium glutamate and pepper powder seasoning is ready.

Soybean dregs as filling, increase fiber to help digestion

Many families used to replace part of the meat with fried bean dregs to make pies and buns filling, or make bean dregs meatballs. At that time, because there was not enough meat to eat, and in today’s world of fatty liver and high blood fats, it is a good idea to add one-third of soybean dregs to the meat filling to replace the fatty meat.

Because replacing the meat filling with soybean dregs can reduce cholesterol and fat intake, increase dietary fiber, and also enhance water retention, and does not hinder the delicious taste of meatballs.

7, drink with milk

If you don’t like the taste of soy milk, try soy milk to milk. Soybean milk and milk with 1:1, the taste is good, cold and hot drinks are available.

After milk and soy milk are mixed, the fishy taste of beans is reduced, and the stinky taste of milk is reduced, and the flavors complement each other. With milk vitamin A and vitamin D, and soy milk dietary fiber and oligosaccharides, nutrition can also be complementary.

Women eat more beans, nutrition than meat

The high temperature days appetite, fried fish stew meat do not want to eat, but protein and other nutrients need to be supplemented in a timely manner, this time soy products will be useful. The ancient book says: “summer heat, it is appropriate to eat beans to cold”. Here the “beans” is beans, especially soybeans. It seems that the ancients also, like to eat some soy products to supplement nutrition.

That said, there are many additional advantages to replacing meat with soy products. For example, the protein content of northern tofu is one-half to one-third that of pork, and the calcium content is more than 20 times that of pork. And tofu and soy milk contain dietary fiber and soy isoflavones, which are completely absent from meat.

Another important advantage is that soy products are very easy to cook and eat, boiled or stir-fried. As for the soy milk, it is even simpler to pour the soaked beans into the soy milk machine, add some sugar or honey, put it in the freezer to cool it down and drink it as a cold drink, which has a higher nutritional value than ice cream and so on.