What is the original intention of the Chinese Communist Party?

As is well known, the CCP was founded as a party branch on July 23, 1921 with the support of the Communist International under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union [1]. From the very beginning, the CCP was a rogue gang of traitors and traitors, and within its leadership group, there has been constant infighting and rebellion. The CCP has seized power on the mainland by lies and violence, and it has maintained its rule by lies and violence. Even July 1 is its fake birthday.

Chen Duxiu, one of the two founders of the CCP, was expelled from the CCP in 1929. In the same year, his “Letter to All Party Comrades” was published, saying that “the people in charge of the CCP Central Committee, who are willing to be Stalin’s gramophone machine, are still not at all politically conscious and are increasingly perverse and incorrigible.” [2] After that, as a result of vicious fighting at the highest levels of the CCP, people kept getting out or defecting, to name a few of the most famous examples. Zhang Guotao defected to the national government in 1938, while Wang Ming defected to the Soviet Union in 1956. Perhaps most vividly remembered by many Chinese today are Liu Shaoqi’s death in 1969, Lin Biao’s tragic death in 1971 while fleeing the Soviet Union, Zhao Ziyang’s house arrest until his death in 1989, and Bo Xilai’s expulsion from the Party in 2012 and his imprisonment in a CCP prison to this day.

Knowing that it has been sitting on the crater of a volcano for a long time, the CCP keeps renewing its lies and intensifying its violence. At the 19th Communist Party Congress, the slogan began with the phrase “Never forget the original intention, remember the mission” and asked Party members to continue to live the Chinese dream. From June 2019 to January 2020, these eight words were used as the theme for more than six months of ideological education for Party members. Notably, during this period, Wuhan pneumonia, which broke out and still harms China and the world today, broke out.

So, what was the original intention of the CCP?

The CCP was a puppet of the Soviet Communist Party from its inception until it crossed swords with it in 1966. In other words, the CCP was raised for half of its life by its Soviet nanny, with the slogan “armed defense of the Soviet Union” in 1929 [3], the so-called Chinese Soviet Republic in Ruijin in November 1931, and the Shaanxi-Ganbian Soviet Government in November 1934 by the Red Army in the northwest of the CCP. These are ironclad evidence of outright treason and division of China.

After the outbreak of the war of Japanese invasion of China, the CCP used the Xi’an Incident to deceive the national government and the Chinese people under the guise of uniting against Japan. In fact, the CCP never listened to the command of the national government and never really resisted Japan, but mainly expanded its strength and base areas for itself. What is most disgraceful is that the CCP sabotaged the Nationalist Army after the September 18 Incident and conspired with Japanese intelligence and the Japanese army against the Nationalist Army [4]. Moreover, Mao Zedong himself thanked Japan for the invasion on several occasions.

From this, it can be seen that the so-called “original intention” of the CCP was to seize power and steal the country in order to rule and enslave the Chinese people. It would do anything to achieve its goal, including treason and the bloody slaughter of its own compatriots. Before and after the theft of the country, it has been destroying and eliminating China’s excellent traditional culture and ethics, and has been poisoning the Chinese people with the Party culture for a century. The CCP’s “original intention” and “always” is to serve the ruling group instead of the people’s welfare. In post-1949 China, all government departments and institutions with the word “people” in them have been shut out by the people. The so-called “Chinese People’s Liberation Army” was the SS. In order to maintain the rule of the Communist Party, they openly massacred students and citizens in Beijing in 1989 with tanks and machine guns.

No one knows the Communist Party better than its founder Chen Duxiu: the Communist Party is “increasingly perverse and hopeless. Today, more and more Chinese people feel the same way as Chen Duxiu did back then. In other words, the CCP, possessed by evil spirits and having reached the age of 100, is already gravely ill. With Wuhan pneumonia and the CCP’s “One Belt, One Road” expansion and hegemony, the free world has united against the CCP and the CCP, and the death of the CCP fascists is a matter of seconds. Although the top leaders of the CCP who are alive now will not necessarily be executed by hanging like Li Dazhao, another founder of the CCP, they will definitely be put on the judgment seat of history and be nailed to the pillar of shame.