Chinese name Western food called high-end atmosphere and class

Ordinary home-cooked Chinese food, a foreign name of Western food, immediately high-end atmosphere and class! The small owners of the restaurant, learn to learn, the windy menu can certainly attract a group of food Oh ~

French sugar heart bread topped pasta – fried egg noodles

Dessert micro-baked gold small sweet cake – pumpkin cake

Kobe veal with pearl sweet rice

French Cabbage Soup – Cabbage Soup

Baked pork tenderloin with long onion in a special mildly spicy and sweet and sour sauce – Shredded pork with fish

Charcoal-grilled and lightly fried French duck – Roasted duck

Baked wild boar tenderloin with honey and white vinegar–Sweet and sour loin

Braised chicken livers with Bordeaux wine and green peppers in a secret Italian sauce – Fried chicken under water

Sauteed cabbage with pearls and garlic – Stir-fried cabbage

Veal with spicy stewed Argentinean oil and seasonal vegetables – Boiled beef

Spaghetti with Cheese Sauce – Hot Noodles

Deep-sea cod in aged Russian sour soup with chili peppers–Sauerkraut

Mexican spicy chowder with mixed vegetables – hot pot

Spicy hotpot with a variety of meats in a spicy garlic sauce

Pork Tenderloin in Garlic Sauce – Cold White Meat

Stir-fried Pork with Spring Onion and Scallions–Backpot Pork

Stewed white jade tofu with spicy black pepper marinated minced pork–Mapo tofu

Xi’an veal stew topped with garlic noodle cake / American style fresh pork burger – meat bun

Cold Crystal Noodles with Assorted Vegetables in Sesame Oil and Scallion Sauce – Cold Noodles

Szechuan spicy sauce cooked veal stomach with top grade veal blood and mixed seasonal vegetables–Mao blood wang

Deep-fried black fermented bean cubes with red chili garlic sauce / low heat imperial extra crispy ink tofu cubes / special first-fried marinated soy milk curd topped with sauce / special selection of soy bean curd deep-fried with hibiscus garlic vinegar sauce – deep-fried stinky tofu

Fresh white tamago with pickled baby beets and black pepper thick soup – squash and egg soup

Red pepper sauce popped miniature river food with ginger sour sauce – crayfish

Specially smoked and spicy duck slices in honey sauce – duck in sauce

French sweet and sour tomato slices with diced eggs in butter – scrambled eggs with tomatoes

Cold green onion with salted steamed bean crumble—Scallion dipping sauce

Italian tomato and egg soup over macaroni – egg marinara

Beef steak with green pepper and onion

Chilled Saigon shrimp with scotch–Drunken shrimp

Caucasian chicken fillet with minced cilantro and German sauce – cooked rare / medium rare / medium rare / medium rare / medium rare – white chopped chicken

100% original Australian Tamago crystal jelly – steamed egg custard