The philosophy of life always comes too late

Some truths can only be understood at the right age, and the philosophies of life always come too late. Looking back at the things that once excited us so much, it is so insignificant, why couldn’t we comprehend it in the first place? I don’t believe that life will become rich and interesting for no reason, that’s just a romantic delusion. I hope to share with you some belated truths, so that some people can avoid repeating my mistakes.

1、Many things actually do not matter

Many of the things that make me excited, worried or exhausted, in the end become worthless. There are very few things that really matter to our lifetime of happiness. How I wish I had known this earlier so that I could have devoted my energy to these things that mattered to happiness and not others.

  1. Dwelling on the pain of the past is the greatest source of suffering

Look at the terrorist organizations and military armed groups that are often out for old times’ sake, to claim historical ownership of a small piece of land, to correct a bad historical decision. These become the basis for their justification of killing.

  1. Waiting to do something when you are sure often means waiting forever

The greatest risky thing a person can do is to be happy to expose their foolishness in public on a regular basis. Nothing can be learned faster than this. “Oops,” is also a pleasure.

  1. Blindly following trends is spiritually and intellectually stifling

You can be a cheap fashion puppet, or you can be uniquely you, these are in your own choice. Faith is not the opium of the masses, the fad is.

  1. If someone complains that you are too maverick, congratulations, you are on the right path

Who wants to live like an animal? Those powerful guys don’t want you to do what you want, they want you to stop causing them trouble and do their bidding. But you have to know that you can not do in the groveling and at the same time can live self.

6、If you equate work with life, then you will live for work

Like many people, I was confused when I saw that the work of those artists and musicians is almost the whole life. In fact, that’s not work, that’s their ego. Unless you have an irresistible passion that happens to allow you to make a living from it, always remember that work is a means, not an end, and that our ultimate goal is to enjoy life. Spend as little time as possible on the means while achieving the end. Only fools are living for work.

7、The fastest and easiest way to destroy a relationship is to listen to rumors

The worst way to waste your time is to spread those rumors. People who spread gossip are like carriers of the plague, compared to the cockroaches are cleaner and kinder than them.

  1. Trying to please others is an exercise in futility

There will always be some people who will be mad at you. Many people you come in contact with will also dislike, belittle, despise or ignore you in many cases. In addition, you will never know what others really need, so all your efforts to do so will be in vain. Relax, the people who love you will eventually tolerate your faults, they are the ones who deserve our care. Those other people, they are not even worth spending 5 minutes to consider.

9, there is no permanent winner

Stepping on the championship throne is a good thing. But do not dream that you can permanently occupy this position, the worst thing is that you are deciding to do whatever it takes to achieve this end.

  1. You can’t please, calm or reform a jerk

The best way you can do that is to stay away from them. Becoming an asshole can also be contagious, the longer you stay with them, the more likely you are to pick up the habit of an asshole or you become one.

11、Double your efforts and halve your expectations

Everything is to spend twice as long as you planned, but in the end, only half of your expectations for results. Nothing to be frustrated about it, let it go, you have to move on.

  1. People are strangely paranoid

Lying people always lie, liars always cheat. A person confides in you, usually in front of other people have confided in, just may not get the desired response. A loyal friend, no matter how much grievance suffered is still loyal.

13, accept yourself

No matter how hard you try, you can’t escape being yourself. Besides yourself, who else can you be? You can play and pretend, but the person doing the playing and pretending is still yourself. If you can’t even accept yourself and don’t make an effort to tap into what you already have, then who is obligated to accept you?

  1. When it comes to public lies, nothing is more shocking than budget figures

Tossing time at it is a waste of time. Even if (miracle of miracles!) You are factual and accurate, others will not be so stupid.

  1. The biggest noise in the world is people complaining

Don’t add to it.