The young people in the north can’t afford to buy a house in the county

Every year when I go home for Chinese New Year, I look at the ever-expanding map of the county, and the construction sites and developments towering over this deserted suburban map, and Meng Sheng wonders, “Will anyone really buy these houses? Who will buy these houses? “

But then, Meng Sheng became a member of the county’s group of house buyers.

Meng Sheng is a native of Sichuan, came to work in Shenzhen after graduating from college in 2015. At that time, Shenzhen’s housing prices have not yet “broken 30,000”, Meng Sheng also believes “Come is Shenzhen people”. With a monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan, Meng Sheng is full of confidence, intends to work hard to save a save, and then buy a house in Shenzhen.

“Also thought about if that time to buy a house would be good. But frankly speaking, even now back to that time, I can not afford to buy a house, because there is no money in the hands, and there is no way to support me at home. “Meng Sheng confessed.

Later the story we all know, Shenzhen’s housing prices continue to “break 40,000”, “break 50,000”, “break 50,000”, “break 50,000”, “break 40,000”, “break 40,000”. “broken 50,000”, “broken 60,000 “, also shattered Meng Sheng’s dream of “getting on the train” in Shenzhen – too far-fetched. -Too out of reach. “For us, the family does not have the capital, personal ability is not the top of the people, the big city is not to stay, back home to the county is the reality. “Meng Sheng said bluntly.

In May 2019, Meng Sheng bought a suite in his hometown county, 103 square meters and a total price of 770,000 yuan. “The immediate reason for buying a house is to get married. “Meng Sheng explained, “My wife is my high school classmate, and now works as a teacher in the middle school in her hometown county. Teacher establishment is not good to move, more can not easily say give up, so buy a house in the old home is the best choice. “

“The price of the county is not low. 770,000 yuan, 103 square meters, the unit price has been nearly 7,500 yuan per square meter. “Meng Sheng said. However, in front of today’s county house prices that have exceeded 10,000 yuan, Meng Sheng’s county house prices can only be considered “ordinary” level.

In April 2021, the first financial according to China’s house price quotation network data, combined with the Anjuke platform data statistics comb pointed out that more than 2,000 counties in the country, at least 103 counties average price of house prices over 10,000 yuan, including Lingshui County, Hainan, the highest average price of 35,000 yuan / square meter, followed by Yiwu, Zhejiang, Hainan Wanning, Zhejiang Yongkang, Zhejiang Wenling, Jiangsu Kunshan five counties average price of more than 20,000 yuan / square meter. square meters.

The prices of these counties, even more than some first-tier and new first-tier cities. Data from the China House Price Quotation Network shows that in May 2021, the average price of second-hand residences in Tianjin was only 26,000 yuan per square meter. Meanwhile, the average price of second-hand homes in Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Chongqing and Changsha was below 20,000 yuan/square meter.

“Lingshui is located in the southeast of Hainan Island, close to Sanya. It has high prices because, like Sanya, it has high-quality tourism resources, and because it takes on the high purchasing power of people from outside Sanya that spill over. “An agent in Hainan told Burning Finance,” you can tell from the price map that Lingshui’s properties are mainly located in Clearwater Bay, next to Sanya’s Haitang Bay. And the price difference is also very obvious, Clearwater Bay has 50,000 yuan / square meters of property, but the price of the downtown Lingshui station is only 10,000 to 20,000 yuan / square meters. “

Yiwu, Zhejiang, Jiangsu Kunshan and other places are mainly benefited from the strong local economic strength. According to the Yiwu Bureau of Statistics, Yiwu achieved a gross regional product of 148.56 billion yuan in 2020, only 41.7 billion yuan less than the GDP of the entire region of Tibet in 2020. In terms of population, data from the seventh census show that as of zero hour on Nov. 1, 2020, Yiwu has a resident population of 1.859 million people, with an inflow of 625,000 people over 10 years.

“There are a lot of people who run factories in Yiwu, and it can almost be said that half of the Yiwu people have factories in their homes. For them, the price of 40,000 to 50,000 yuan per square meter is affordable, and several million yuan of the purchase price can be taken. “San San of Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, told Burning Finance.

But not every county has enough economy to support the high housing prices like Lingshui and Yiwu. The phenomenon of “wages of 5,000, housing prices of 15,000” abounds, these counties are the main force in the purchase of housing, some are like Meng Sheng, from the North and the first-tier cities such as the struggle The young people, they can not take root in the first-tier cities, choose to retreat to their hometowns. And some, from the countryside, these people use their life savings to realize their dream of the city.

What they have in common is that the purchase of a set of county property, the same need to empty the savings, enough to pay up the down payment, the rest, they need to continue to fight.

Unfortunately, after the rise in housing prices, the lack of industrial support of the county can not keep the young people out of the footsteps, these empty parents’ savings, and let the young people struggle for the property, most of them become “left behind house These properties, which are empty of parents’ savings and for which young people work, are mostly left vacant.

What makes it even more difficult for those high-priced home buyers to accept is that those counties that lack economic impetus have unstable housing prices, and price reductions have become a reality they must face. In 2018, Changshu, Jiangsu Province, was the “No. 1” county in terms of housing prices. in June 2018, the public In June 2018, the public number “really called Lu Jun” released a chart ranking the prices of counties, in which Changshu topped the list with a price of 20,000 yuan/square meter. But later, Changshu’s house prices gradually went down.

On June 23, 2021, an agent in Changshu told Burning Finance: “The average price in Changshu is currently 16,000 yuan per square meter. “The reason for the price reduction is extremely clear to the locals in Changshu. “The reason for the price drop is that there are too many new properties. “

This is the reality that some counties with inflated prices must face: the pace of the economy can’t keep up with the rise in prices, the false fire of the property market, can’t afford the bubble of inflated prices. And whether this day will also be the turn of the new high-priced counties, time will bring the answer to the market.

01 Who buys a house in the county?

People like Meng Sheng, who bought a house in the county in order to get married, constitute the main purchasing power of the county.

“Nowadays, when rural people get married, they basically require a suite in the county. ” said Tang Tang of a county in Jiangxi. Lulu, who will walk into the marriage hall in August this year, also told Burning Finance: “My husband and I are both from the county, the family has a house. But both parents still feel that it is better to have a new house for children to get married, so they bought another set. “

In addition, the county around the township, rural residents into the city is also a major force. Yang Lin said that more and more people are moving into the county from the townships. “This year, I came home to chat only to find that there is nothing in the village, relatives, neighbors almost all bought a house in the county, moved into the county. There are also many people in the town who have bought houses in the county. Walking down the street in the county town, my parents would introduce which relative lived in this building and who lived in that building. “

And these people who buy a house in the county, basically the whole family’s strength. Parents empty their savings, together with the down payment, the rest, then handed over to young people.

Just two days ago, Yang Lin’s parents also handed over the county house down payment. “My hometown is a township, after graduating from college to work in Chongqing, the original plan is to buy a house in Chongqing through their own efforts, with their parents spending the down payment, their own loan repayment, to receive their parents to live in Chongqing. But my mother does not like Chongqing, said the big city is not convenient, and not like the county, all over the relatives, acquaintances. “

Finally, Yang Lin’s property fell in the county. “96 square meters, a total price of 770,000 yuan, with a down payment of 370,000 yuan. To be honest this down payment in Chongqing can barely ‘get on board’, just a little more pressure to repay the loan. But it’s hard to reason with your parents about this. Because they just think that relatives and friends are in the county, and the county is familiar with the environment, buy a house with less financial pressure, so buy in the county is good. “

China house price quotation network data show that in May 2021, Chongqing second-hand residential average price of 13,000 yuan / square meter, according to 96 square meters, the total price of 1.25 million yuan, 30% down payment of just 370,000 yuan. “The average price of the houses I looked at in Chongqing before was about 12,000 yuan/square meter. Second-hand houses because you can only borrow according to the appraisal price, the down payment is usually higher at 40% to 50% of the price of the house. “Yang Lin introduced.

Young people working in the county also contributed a large part of the purchasing power. Xiaobei of a county in northern Guangdong told Burning Finance: “My sister is planning to buy a house in the county. Before she was living at home with my parents and brother and sister-in-law. But now her brother and sister-in-law are planning to add a child, and soon the house will start to be crowded. So she wants to buy a house and move out quickly. “

San San also said, “I work in an institution in the urban area, and I just bought a house recently. Because my home is on the outskirts of the city and I work in the city, it’s not particularly convenient. “

But Yang Lin does not know where the future lies. “If I follow my parents’ wishes and go back to the county to take the civil service exam and become a teacher, I may be able to live in the county house. And if I don’t get into the public service, I still need to work and rent an apartment in Chongqing, and finally work harder to buy a house to live in. “

Meng Sheng, on the other hand, plans to return to the county. “Last year with the year-end bonus and savings to pay off a large part of the mortgage, and now there are only a hundred thousand loans left. It is estimated that another two years of work, savings and year-end bonus can pay off the rest of the mortgage. Solve the house thing, life will not be particularly stressful. When the time comes to return to the county, I still have the company’s stock in my hand can provide income, and will not live in particular distress. “

After six years of deep drift, Meng Sheng is waiting for the options in his hand to be released, back home to the county to find a school to work as a teacher. To this end, he is also actively preparing for the teaching certificate.

02 county to buy a house empty savings

The county has long been the county that everyone remembers.

“This period of time to see the house, feel the county property and the city has been little difference. “Yang Lin marveled,” the sales office is made very high, the sand table and I look in Chongqing is no different, very delicate. “

Xixi, who bought a property in a county in western Guangdong in 2019, also said, “Now the environment and quality of the county property are very good. The house I bought has a high greening rate and a good community environment. And the county’s house is more livable than Beijing’s. Some of the houses I looked at in Beijing, three residences are probably only as big as two rooms in my county house. “

Brand-name real estate companies are also starting to move into the county. “In that county of ours, there is a property developed by Jinke. “Yang Lin said. Xixi also introduced: “The house I bought is from Beyoncé. “

Information shows that Beyoncé, Evergrande, Zhongliang, Poly and other branded real estate companies have ventured into the county. Among them, especially Beyoncé and Evergrande. There is even a saying in the real estate circle that “there are counties where there is Beyoncé”.

The number of counties in China is large, and the population is numerous. According to the 2019 Statistical Yearbook of Urban Construction and the 2019 Statistical Yearbook of Urban and Rural Construction of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, as of the end of 2019, there were 679 cities in the country, including 301 prefecture-level cities and 381 county-level cities. Meanwhile, there were 1,516 county-level cities in the country.

In terms of population, as of the end of 2019, the population of county cities was 140 million, while the population living in towns and townships under the jurisdiction of county cities was 189 million, while there were still 775 million rural people under the jurisdiction of towns and townships. With this view, the population in the county is 1.1 billion, accounting for 78.9% of China’s total population.

However, due to the economic strength and purchasing power of counties, the property market has not favored counties for a long time. Yang Lin 2011-2014 in his hometown county to attend high school, “the impression of the whole county at that time there is nothing new property. “But about 2014, 2015, the county classmates talk about the demolition. Then, every year during the winter and summer holidays back home, you can see the uprooted construction sites and buildings: “like a spring up, probably this is the way. “

The Daily Economic News also reported in a report in 2018 that the housing prices (in Dangshan County, Anhui Province), with the launch of large-scale old city renovation in 2016 and the promotion of “shanty reform ” monetized resettlement, went up. Local residents told the reporter: “A few years ago the county house price was only 2,000 to 3,000 yuan, in the past two years, new houses are being demolished and built everywhere, and young people who work in big cities and part-time jobs also go back home to buy houses, so the house price has gone up, and now the average is more than 4,000 yuan, and the famous properties are a little more expensive and can be sold at 5,200 yuan / square meter. “

In addition to the shantytown reform, the arrival of brand-name real estate companies has also added momentum to the county’s rising prices. The user “Carrick” said bluntly. “In 2014, 2015, the local county house prices as long as 3,000-4,000 yuan / square meters, and then Cinnamon Park came, house prices rose directly to 5,000 yuan / square meters. Now the newly opened house does not package repair 8000 yuan / square meter or more, a certain ready to open the blowing price of 10000 yuan / square meter. “

High housing prices, so empty “six wallets” can not afford to buy a bed in the North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen workers turned to empty “Six wallets” in the county to buy a suite.

“The monthly salary comes to more than 4,000 yuan, excluding the rent of more than 1,000 yuan, and daily expenses, it is already the limit to save 1,000 yuan. From graduation in 2018 to now, I have only saved less than 30,000 yuan in three years of work. To buy a house, I can only rely on my family. “Yang Lin said. Meng Sheng also said, “The down payment of 350,000 yuan, of which 200,000 yuan is what I have saved since I started working, and 150,000 yuan is mom and dad’s savings. “

Being in Yiwu, San San pressure more. “Now Yiwu prices outside the city 20,000 yuan / square meter, 50,000 yuan / square meter in the city, school district housing 60,000 yuan / square meter. For people who open factories at home, of course, is not a problem. But there are ordinary people in Yiwu, there is no old village transformation, no organic renewal (a kind of housing demolition in Yiwu), the family does not do business, in fact, there is not much savings, can not afford to buy a house. “

“I recently bought a 110-square-meter house outside the ring road at a unit price of 25,000 yuan, plus parking spaces and taxes totaled close to 3 million yuan. If not for the organic renewal of my grandmother’s house, which received several million in demolition money, as well as my work in the institutions, provident fund is more, I can not afford to buy a house. “San San said bluntly.

03 County “no property market”

County property prices are fierce. But when people ask, whether it is necessary to buy a house in the county, the advice received are: do not.

Yang Lin also said that the county “there is no property market”. This is highlighted by the fact that, from the figures, the price of houses in the county is still rising, and people who buy houses still exist. But the fact is that second-hand houses are not selling well. “For example, we went to see a new property, not long after the opening of only a small number of properties left for sale. And the second-hand houses, many are hanging out for several months, and the final transaction price are lower than the listing price of tens of thousands. “

“Maybe the big cities have no concept of price reduction of tens of thousands, but for the county itself is only a few hundred thousand total price of the house, low tens of thousands has been reduced by up to 5%, 6%. For example, the suite we bought, the initial offer was $880,000. But the actual transaction price is only 770,000 yuan, down a full 110,000 yuan, a drop of 12.5%. “Yang Lin said.

As for the reason why new houses are more popular, Yang Lin guessed: “One is because people in the county are more favorable to new houses in terms of concept. If it is not urgent, such as immediately married to use and so on, are the choice to buy new houses. Secondly, because the supply of new houses in the county is too large, there are enough new houses to choose, superimposed on the concept factor, of course, the priority is to choose new houses. “

This means that the house has no liquid properties. “If one day I need to liquidate the county house, I am likely to face the dilemma of difficulty in realizing, or a significant shrinkage of assets. ” Yang Lin said bluntly.

A home buyer in Binzhou County, Shandong Province, also told Burning Finance that he planned to sell his house in the county because he had seen a newly developed property in the provincial capital and wanted to change his house, but the house had been hanging out for two or three months and no one had asked for it, and now the price had been reduced by 40,000 yuan. “The county has been demolishing a lot of houses in recent year, the house is saturated, the second-hand houses simply do not circulate, to sell out, can only reduce the price to sell at a price lower than the market price. “

“In April this year, I just sold my house in the county at a loss. “A county-level city in Zhejiang home buyers also said,” I bought this house a few years ago at a price of 5,500 yuan / square meter, and now the average price of new houses in the county are 8000 The average price of new houses in the county is now more than 8,000 yuan/square meter. But the price of second-hand houses not only did not rise but also fell. I sold the house this time, hanging out two months, only three people have come to see. “

At the same time, the county house pure “residential properties” also seems like a false proposition.

Meng Sheng’s house is currently vacant. “Because the wife’s mother’s house is closer to the wife’s work school, and put the wife alone in the new home is not very convenient, but also not very assured. So our new house has not been lived in since we bought it. “

Yang Lin’s house may be vacant in the future: “In the county, except for civil servants, teachers, there are almost no other jobs to choose. If I get into the county civil service according to my parents’ wishes, I may be able to live in this house in the county. But if not, this house remains only in the annual Spring Festival or National Day holiday and other times, I will live. “

In March 2018, Chen Xiwen, former deputy head of the Rural Work Leading Group and director of the office, revealed that the vacancy rate of houses in large and medium-sized cities is 11.9%, 13.9% in small cities, and 14% in rural areas.

It is also common for houses in the county to be vacant. “Walking around the county at night, many buildings are dark and not lit. When looking at second-hand houses, there are also many listings that are still rough, and from the time they are bought to the time they are sold, the owners haven’t lived in them for a day. “Yang Lin said. But it can’t be helped, “parents still insist on buying in the county. You can hardly explain to your parents that the house retains its value and increases in value. Because they can only judge things based on what they see, and established experience, in their view, the county is more comfortable to live in than Chongqing. What’s more, the money to buy a house is the parents’. “

And for those who give advice, the county house is not worth buying, is an answer based on rational judgment, input expenditure. Just for the people in it, the decisive role is not rational and value, but involved in which the intricate relationship of affection, love, ability, etc..

The county property market, even if many rational advice to say “no”, will continue to go on in such demand support.

In the text, Meng Sheng, San San, Tang Tang, Lulu, Xiao Bei, Xixi are pseudonyms