Three suggestions for volunteering

This year, there are about 10 million college entrance examination candidates, these days is the announcement of the results of the day, the next will fill out the volunteer. This is not as difficult as the college entrance exam itself, but it is anxious enough. I am not an expert in volunteering, but I am a teacher in college, so I know more about the whole college education and academic ecology. This is my third year of writing articles on volunteering, so I’ll keep it simple and suggest three things.

First, the city takes priority over the school level

At present, all resources are concentrated to the central cities, and university teachers are no exception. Shanghai, Beijing and other first-tier cities of ordinary colleges and universities each year will receive a bewildering number of cover letters from around the world, you can choose the best. On the contrary, some colleges and universities that sound pretty good, but it is difficult to recruit people because the place is relatively remote. Dynamically, the gap between the faculty in first-tier and new first-tier cities and other cities will gradually widen.

In the long run, more than 50% of China’s population will eventually enter first-tier, new first-tier and second-tier cities. The university in these places is equivalent to first occupy a pit, the future of many alumni is certainly also in the local development, is considered a basic network of contacts. Especially for good girls, must go to a first-tier or new first-tier city, where there is a greater possibility of finding your future marriage partner.

The price difference between a suite in Shanghai and a house in a small city 20 years ago is not too far, but the more you go back, the bigger the difference. This is the trend of the times can not be changed …

Second, choose a profession that will not be replaced or can replace others.

Almost according to the A-share track dislike professional is almost. Baijiu, medicine, Internet, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles, etc. …

Liquor as a discipline cold point, other basic can just do. Medicine into medical science is better. In almost all countries around the world, medical science is almost always the most difficult to admit the profession, enjoy a high status and income after graduation. At present, the domestic medical industry is at an unprecedented low point, and young doctors are having a hard time, leading to a significant drop in the medical admissions score line. But in the long run the doctor’s profession is very much in line with the idea of value investment, there is a professional moat (only heard of doctors to do other, not heard of other industries can be changed to doctors), can be long-term accumulation, suitable for long-term investment.

The Internet and artificial intelligence are the industries that are going to steal other people’s jobs. In the future, more than 80% of the manual will certainly be replaced by machines, so the control of information and machines is the final winner.

Uh, I can also understand why the public exam is so hot now, because civil servants also belong to an industry that will not be replaced — at least the civil servants who have gone in the state will not allow them to be replaced. But civil servants also have professional requirements, and some majors have a higher acceptance rate. All of you who are quite civil servants can also research well beforehand.

By the way, I would like to discuss the more controversial biology major.

In fact, the biological profession is okay in terms of income, the current domestic biopharmaceutical industry up, the annual recruitment of people, give the salary is not bad. In the United States, medicine is second only to the Internet money-making industry, the country will sooner or later copy.

But this profession is really too hard, from the beginning of freshman year was caught by the teacher into the laboratory work, and then have been doing to master, doctoral, postdoctoral almost all tool attributes. Only a few big bosses to provide ideas, the rest are large and small tool people. Either in doing experiments, or on the way to do experiments. So I can only say that you look after yourselves…

Third, discover what you like and are good at

You may ask where to turn in your volunteer in a few days.

In fact, most colleges and universities allow you to change your major before your sophomore year (including sophomore year), and the conditions are not too harsh. You will be confused about what you like in the next few days, but in fact there are still 2 years left.

Especially popular majors such as computer science, finance, accounting, etc. are difficult to change majors and require a high grade ranking. But most of the other good majors are still easy and enjoyable to switch to, which is a good arbitrage opportunity, depending on whether you want to pick up the money or not.

But it’s easy to know what you like to eat and what you like to play, and difficult to know what you like to major in — because the former is simply enjoyable, and the latter definitely costs a lot of time and energy. The legendary profession has abused me a thousand times, but I treat it like my first love…

This kind of being beaten and not leaving the first love is the real love for the profession. Basically, I know people who are not far from success after this step.

It’s really hard, I know many smart people who didn’t know what they liked until they were 30 or 40 years old, but it’s too late. So you have to look and think more while you can, and maybe you’ll find it.