Ex-Executive Editor-in-Chief of the English edition of Apple Daily, Feng Weiguang, released on bail

According to comprehensive news, Feng Weiguang, former executive editor of the English edition of Apple Daily under the pseudonym “Lu Feng”, was arrested at the Hong Kong International Airport on June 27 by police on charges of “conspiracy to collaborate with foreign countries or forces outside the country to endanger national security” and was released on bail on the 29th. It is reported that Fung’s bail amounted to $200,000, his travel documents were confiscated, and he will return to Wanchai Police Station on July 26 to report for duty.

Feng was arrested last Sunday night at Hong Kong International Airport while preparing to travel to the United Kingdom. According to local media reports, he was charged with “conspiracy to conspire with foreign countries or forces outside the country to endanger national security,” and the police took him back to his home in Shatin in the early hours of the morning for a search, and then continued to detain him at the Wanchai police headquarters. At 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Fung was finally released on bail, and when he left the police headquarters with his wife, he greeted the many media waiting outside, but did not respond to questions.

It is understood that Fung has been writing editorials for Apple Daily since 1997, and was the executive editor of the English-language Apple Daily when he left. Including Fung, 13 people have been arrested under the National Security Law in connection with Next Media and Apple Daily, including Lai Chi-ying, his father and son, and current or former executives of Next Media.